A Swanky 3-Level Dining Destination With Umpteen Food Options Coming To JLT Neighbourhood

by Deeplata Garde 214

Food might be a crucial element of the restaurant but providing a new experience to visitors makes them remember you. The upcoming restaurant, The Park has taken this statement a bit seriously. Have you been a victim of visiting multiple spots for food, like one for dinner, one for snacks and the other for dessert? Then The Park is going to solve this problem and save you a lot of time. *Drumrolls* The Park is opening a three-level dining destination that can serve you an end-to-end foodie experience in Dubai.

Welcome A Three Level Dining Destination In JLT


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The Park is a hub where elegance and casual charm coexist. The Park JLT, which spans three levels, offers a variety of innovative and vibrant dining concepts that capture the spirit of the area and its surroundings. In order to establish a fresh gourmet destination in JLT, each floor houses a unique concept.

Splendour Fields, a family-friendly eatery on the ground floor, is currently operational and offers freshly baked croissants, revitalising smoothies, and exotic coffee. The first floor will house the mysterious Hawker Boi’s first permanent eatery in February. The rooftop will feature Franky in Florence, an open-sky Italian restaurant where patrons can savour an aperitivo spritz and a piece of hors d’oeuvres or wood-fired pizza.

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EATX Initiative In Dubai


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Tom Arnel is the man behind The Park and other projects of EATX. The Guild, Tom Arnel’s most grandiose project to date, is slated to debut later this year. The Park is just the beginning of what EATX has slated for 2023.

The eating space of the DIFC, which is large enough to house an aeroplane, will be divided into multiple sections. The Guild aims to give its customers an experience that lasts the entire night. Right from welcome drinks in opulent bars to small seafood plates across a living rock pool and supper at the chef’s table while viewing the kitchen staff in action to after-dinner drinks in a cosy piano bar until the early hours. Arnel has offered to sweep us off the floor with his ideas.

We are awaiting the details of the opening date of this amazing conceptual dining destination in Dubai.

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