A Unique “Cafe For Insects” Is Now In Bengaluru’s Lalbagh; Here’s All You Need To Know

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
A Unique “Cafe For Insects” Is Now In Bengaluru’s Lalbagh; Here’s All You Need To Know

The jI am sure you all must have visited many cafes and must have loved the ambience or food. But here, as we talk about this unique cafe for insects, we do not mean a normal cafe that has insects as the theme! This is a unique home made for tiny insects, and it is so thoughtful. Bengaluru’s Lalbagh Botanical Garden has come up with this idea, and here is more about it!

A Unique “Cafe For Insects” Is Now In Bengaluru’s Lalbagh

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In the limits of Lalbagh Botanical Garden, the Horticulture Department has debuted a novel habitat for microscopic insects. The ‘Insect Cafe,’ as it is known, was just recently opened.

In order to help insects that are losing their natural habitats as a result of rapid urbanization and the growth of concrete jungles, this cafe was established in partnership with the Vibhinna India Foundation as part of their corporate social responsibility initiative.

This unique café has been painstakingly divided into several parts, taking into account the varied insect biodiversity in Lalbagh. It is mostly made of wooden frameworks.

To provide a habitat that is favorable for insects, each part has been painstakingly and artistically furnished with small and medium pieces of dry grass, wood, different kinds of plant sticks, and other things. (As per Times Travel)

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More To Be Introduced Soon

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Different insect species, including those that prefer to live underground by digging holes in the ground or burrowing into dry wood, can be accommodated at the Insect Café. Notably, important insect species, including bumblebees, carpenter bees, and others, may be found at Lalbagh. While solitary bees, which number in the thousands, typically drill holes into tree trunks to make their homes, hives and honey-producing bees are comparatively rare.

A further ten insect cafes would be introduced in Lalbagh, Nandi Hills, Cubbon Park, Krishnarajendra Giridhama, and Kemmanagundi, according to plans made public by the director of the horticulture department, DS Ramesh.

By introducing the public to insect cafes and expanding the idea to various forested regions, this effort, in partnership with the Forest Department, hopes to inspire people to build such habitats in their own backyards.

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The Need To Preserve Flora And Fauna

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M. Jagadeesh, Joint Director (Parks and Gardens) at the Horticulture Department, emphasized the necessity of preserving native species because of the crucial role that insects play in pollination and numerous ecological services.

He stressed the need for preserving indigenous flora and insects by pointing out the decline of native species. He mentioned about how  that led to the demise of dinosaurs. The joint director emphasized that the development of insect cafes is an essential step in safeguarding and preserving these valuable species.

One of Bengaluru’s top tourist destinations is Lalbagh. Lalbagh is a vast garden spread across 240 acres of land. The garden has some amazing collections of tropical and sub-tropical flora in the country. This includes centuries-old trees.

The park is decorated with attractions including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Topiary Park, a vast lake,  and a beautiful glasshouse modeled after the Crystal Palace in London. These features give the park a surrealistic feel. (As per Times Travel)

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