A Vegetarian Since 5.5 Years, Sunil Chhetri Loved His Mom’s Mutton Curry

Sunil Chhetri used to enjoy mutton curry, white rice, onions and some veggies.

by Ankita Mazumdar
A Vegetarian Since 5.5 Years, Sunil Chhetri Loved His Mom’s Mutton Curry

Captain Sunil Chhetri is the great leader of India’s football team. He recently joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for an episode of the Sunday Brunch. He made Curly Tales fly over to Bangalore and we couldn’t be more excited. During our conversations over yummy food, we reminded him of his mother’s great mutton curry and how much he used to love it. He is currently a vegetarian and his mother taunts him for changing his food habits. Watch the entire episode to learn about his food stories and more.

Sunil Chhetri Used To Love His Mom’s Mutton Curry

While we were chatting about Sunil Chhetri’s approach towards cheat meals, we couldn’t help but point out a piece of information we had gathered from one of his previous interviews. We stated the fact that he loved to relish his mother’s homemade mutton curry but he quit non-vegetarian food. To this, Sunil answered that it has been more than five and a half years since he left non-vegetarian food. This bugs his mother and she in turn taunts him for ditching her mutton curry.

Sunil Chhetri got very funnily immersed in the topic of non-vegetarian food and shared with us how he would eat it and the feeling would be “out of the world” for him. He told us he loved to pair non-vegetarian food with white rice, onions and some veggies; that is it for him. Sunil, we would like to have a handful of your mother’s cooked mutton curry with rice!

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Sunil Chhetri even went on to state specific facts about the relationship between food and athlete’s body. He told Kamiya that it is actually not that easy to be vegetarian when you are training day and night. “It takes a lot of effort and it takes a lot of different stuff on the plate,” he said.

He Is A ‘Mountains Over Beaches’ Person

Sunil Chhetri
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During a lighthearted game, we asked him some questions. One of them was if he preferred the ocean or the mountains. We learned from Sunil Chhetri that while he loves the mountains, his wife Sonam Bhattacharya is more attracted to the seashore. Opposites attract right? Right. If you don’t know about the cute love story between them, then run and watch the video to find out.

We further wanted to know which Indian hill stations were Sunil Chhetri’s favourites. He said his family adores Ooty and Coorg and shared that although it’s not a mountain, you nevertheless feel cold there. He continued by saying that Bandipur and Kabini, two nearby hill stations, are an ideal retreat for Sunil and his family. Next time you plan for Bandipur and Kabini, you might run into his family.

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Comment down below if you have converted from non-vegetarian to vegetarian or vice versa. What was your journey like? We are pretty sure your parents taunted you as well.

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