A Video Of Frying Stacks Of Cheese Slices Goes Viral On The Internet. Foodies Are Annoyed!

by Shreya Ghosh
A Video Of Frying Stacks Of Cheese Slices Goes Viral On The Internet. Foodies Are Annoyed!

We love spending time on social media and enjoy watching content in various niches. I love watching videos on baking, cooking, and such interesting videos. Now it is true that not all food videos are unique or share something to teach the viewers, some videos are so bizarre with unnecessary weird food combinations. There are also many recipes that we might like to watch but we will definitely never try that in real life! One such video of frying cheese slices is making rounds on social media and food baes are simply unsatisfied!

This Video Of Deep Frying Cheese Slices Is Making Us Shout “ENOUGH”!!!

Popular Instagram creator Zach (@zachchoi) recently shared a video where he shows the recipe to make a cheese-filled preparation. The primary ingredient of this food item is everyone’s favourite cheese. No matter how much you love this dairy product, I guess you will enjoy eating the ultimate snack.


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As shown in the video, Zach uses two types of cheese slices to make this recipe. He stacks white and yellow cheese slices alternatively and adds about 20-25 of them. Then he pours a thick batter on this stack and coats it well on some crumbs. In the final step, he takes the entire stack and deep fries it until it is crispy and brown. He then cuts the cube in half and shows us the beautiful texture of alternately placed white and yellow cheese slices. Zach also gorged on this fried cheese snack and we wonder how it tastes actually.

Foodies Are Utterly Confused!

If you get the question “what is the point of this recipe” after watching this video, then same pinch! Not only you and me, but many Netizens also have this same question. With more than 17.5 million views, the cheesy video has over 650K and thousands of comments. Most Instagrammers are pointing out how this is such an unhealthy snack and so much cheese together can lead to heart disease. Interestingly, there are also some people who would have tried this snack only if the cheese was melted.

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If you get the chance to try out this deep-fried cheesy snack, will you eat it?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Zach (@zachchoi)