Puchka Chops, Anyone? Viral Instagram Video From Kolkata Incites Disgust In Netizens

by Mallika Khurana
Puchka Chops, Anyone? Viral Instagram Video From Kolkata Incites Disgust In Netizens

Gol gappa, pani puri, puchka—no matter what you call them, the feeling is the same. These crispy fried balls filled with tangy and spicy water directly feed our souls, and we can never have enough of them. Lately, this beloved street food has been subjected to a lot of experimentation that is hardly ever received well by loyal lovers of this treat. From chocolate pani puri to stuffing it with cheese, all these attempts at giving pani puri a different face don’t sit well with the people. The experiments, however, go on. Recently, we came across another incident in Kolkata where a woman was selling puchka chops—a weird trial of turning puchkas into fritters.

The Instagrammer Posted The Making Of Puchka Chops

This video was posted by Subhokoy, a Kolkata-based content creator. He posted the entire video of this woman stuffing pani puri with a mixture, battering it up, and then deep frying it. The Instagram user declared these puchka chops to be one of he most unique dishes he had ever tried and urged everyone to try them. Check out the video yourself. Beware! It is not for the weak-hearted!

The intention behind experimenting with something that has already reached perfection is beyond reasoning. Most of these experiments with food receive a lot of negative feedback on social media. But still, our favourite dishes continue to go through such unnecessary makeovers.

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Netizens Didn’t Meet This Atempt With Excitement

Photo Credits: Instagram/Subhomoy

In a single day, this video of puchka chops has received much attention on social media. Apart from more than 7,300 likes, the video received many comments as well. Naturally, most people found this weird dish unnecessary, but there were a few who thought it could taste nice. Many people were left confused by this creation and were curious to know the reason behind it.

One user correctly pointed out, “Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.” Some also referred to it as the “indication of Kalyug!” It does sound far-fetched but we totally get the emotion.

It looks like these experiments aren’t going to stop anytime soon, and we must brace ourselves for more to come.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Subhomoy