Abandoned For 42 Years, This West Bengal Railway Station Is Touted To Be Haunted

by Shreya Rathod
Abandoned For 42 Years, This West Bengal Railway Station Is Touted To Be Haunted

What do we fear most? The Unknown! Humans dread everything foreign to them. That was the reason why people used to fear rail when they were first introduced. The adrenaline rush from this fear is what we unknowingly crave. And that is why we love watching horror movies and searching for haunted places. India has many spooky places, and this abandoned railway station in West Bengal is one of them. Take a look at the haunted and stranded Begunkodar Railway Station. 

Begunkodar Railway Station: The Haunted

haunted railway station
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In the Purulia district of West Bengal, there is Begunkodar Railway Station which is abandoned and said to be haunted. The locals fear this place so much that no one was willing to work there. This has led the authorities to close the station for forty-two years! And even today, you will find no one at this place. Moreover, whenever a train passes through the Begunkodar railway station, the train boogie is quiet! 

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Story Of The Place

According to the locals, the railway station used to hustle and bustle with people in the 1960s. People saw the place as a door to innumerable opportunities. However, one day, the station master saw a woman in a white saree roaming on the tracks. Then people started talking about the girl who had committed suicide. 

The administration refused to believe this rumour but after the station master and his family were found dead, everyone refused to work there. Moreover, newly recruited employees also refused to work even after posting. Gradually, the trains stopped taking halts at this station and the authorities decided to close the railway station. After stopping services, the railway station became deserted and a ‘ghost’ station. The fear was so huge that people on the train used to be afraid of the station. 

However, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee took initiative to open the railway station again. And today, it works as a halting station for the trains but there are no employees posted whatsoever. 

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