Kolkata Has A Haunted House Of Dolls That Will Give You Chills Down The Spine

by Sushmita Mahanta
Kolkata Has A Haunted House Of Dolls That Will Give You Chills Down The Spine

Kolkata is famous as the city of Joy. But did you know Kolkata also has a dark and eerie side? Yes, you heard it right. If you view Kolkata through a spooky lens, the stories are unending. But there’s one that will send chills down your spine and make you shiver even in daylight! Have you heard of the haunted Putulbari dollhouse in Kolkata? Almost every local in Kolkata is aware of this spooky house of dolls. You will find Putul Bari adjacent to the Circular Railway track and close to the Shobhabazar jetty. The haunted dollhouse is located at 22 Hara Chandra Mullick Lane. And if you are brave enough to climb the stairs to the haunted and dark upper floors of Putul Bari, you might end up getting a Red and White Bravery Award. Read on to know more about the history of this haunted doll house in Kolkata.

Why The Name Putul Bari?

Putul Bari is now a heritage building in Kolkata but no one is over with its ghostly past. During colonial rule, Putul Bari was used as a warehouse by the rich Bengali Babus who handled the British readings in the city. Word of mouth has it that the owner of this warehouse had a beautiful daughter who loved dolls. But love turned into an obsession and she covered the entire house with numerous dolls. But owing to a mishap, the daughter met with a tragic death and Putul Bari turned ghostly forever. Another story related to Putul Bari is that the babus used the warehouse to rape young women. They would later murder the women to hide their crime. And all this tormenting led to Putubari being haunted by the cries of those women.

What Do Locals Of Kolkata Say About Putul Bari?

Kolkata’s Putul Bari has been haunting people for decades now. From weird sounds and unexplained events to rare sightings of unidentified shadows, Putul Bari is home to all the eeriness and mystery in Kolkata. Almost every local in Kolkata is aware of the tragic incident of Putul Bari. Even today locals report hearing hues and cries of female voices from the dollhouse. Totally creepy! So much so that there’s supposedly an award that people get if they are capable of reaching the dark upper floors of the dollhouse. Even though there are no facts to prove the ghostly happenings in Kolkata’s haunted dollhouse, we still recommend you to not try and visit Putul Bari. You never know an adventure trip to the dollhouse might turn out to be your greatest mistake!


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