Abandoned Pool Turned Into A Cannabis Farm In Scotland Town, 3 Arrested

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Abandoned Pool Turned Into A Cannabis Farm In Scotland Town, 3 Arrested

You all must be aware that cannabis is not legal in every part of the world. Even in places where it is legal, its cultivation is not allowed everywhere. In a recent incident, a cannabis farm was discovered in Scotland. Cannabis in Scotland is illegal for recreational use. But this farm was found in an abandoned pool in a town in Scotland known as Forfar. 

Cannabis Farm Found In Scotland

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On August 8, at 1:50pm, Scotland’s cops rushed to a county town in Scotland known as Forfar. They rushed to an abandoned swimming pool, which was formerly run by the council. In Angus, inside the premises, they found a cannabis farm. 

About 10 police cars were spotted right outside the abandoned swimming pool, marking a heavy police presence at the site, which is located right at the foot of Vennel. The surrounding area was also locked by these officers to make sure that no one accessed the building without their permission. 

Officers raided the premises while police cars and ambulances were surrounding it. In connection with this incident, three men have been arrested. These three men are aged 64, 38, and 20. 

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Inquiries Are Still Going On

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This formerly council-run, now abandoned pool is in close proximity to Forfar’s main shopping area. The police have diverted traffic a little away from the premises. The building was earlier owned by a local council. 

The pool has been empty since February 2017 and is very frequently targeted by vandals. When the police arrived, they saw a dozen people who had broken into the abandoned pool. These people have been coming out and going in the pool, according to the police. 

The Scotland Police informed me that the inquiries are still going on, especially with the three men arrested on the spot. 

There are laws about cannabis included in the Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971. According to this, if one is caught in possession of cannabis, the drug will be destroyed and the person will be arrested. Five years of imprisonment and a fine of £2,500 are the punishments for the same. If one is caught producing or supplying the same, the sentence increases to 14 years. 

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