Famous Dacoit Veerappan’s Den To Be Converted Into Tourist Spot; Govt. Plans To Start Safari

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Famous Dacoit Veerappan’s Den To Be Converted Into Tourist Spot; Govt. Plans To Start Safari

When the famous dacoit Veerappan was alive, he seemed like a thorn in the side of the government. Though he was considered a poacher and smuggler, he was Robin Hood for the people of Tamil Nadu. The government had to face a lot of struggles to get hold of this famous dacoit. Now, they are planning to convert his den into a tourist spot and start a safari for the general public. 

Bandit Veerappan’s Den To Become A Tourist Spot Soon

Credits: @GopinathamMysteryTrails/Website

The state government had spent crores of rupees to get hold of Veerappan, and now that is gone, they are planning to earn money by milking his story. 

The forest department might start a safari in the Gopinatham area, which was once Veerappan’s den. This safari will be open to the general public, unlike now. When this bandit was alive, the general public and even the police were scared to visit this area. 

The area was looked after by the police or the Special Task Force (STF), which was formed to arrest him. The STF personnel were the ones who were involved in all the operations that were carried out in that area to arrest him. 

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People’s Curiosity Is The Reason

Credits: @GopinathamMysteryTrails/Website

Not only the people who live in these states but also many across the country are curious to know about him and his lifestyle. Hence, they want to explore these places. 

This property currently belongs to Jungle Lodges and Resorts Mystery Trails camps. The people who stay in these camps are the only ones allowed to visit these areas for now. But soon, with the efforts of the government, people can easily visit these areas with the help of a safari. 

The forest department is currently revisiting the area to convert Veerappan’s den into a tourist spot. If reports are to be believed, the ex-associates of the dacoit are already roped in for a mysterious trail camp in the area. Gopinatham is located in the Male Mahadeshwara Hills (MM Hills) on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states. (As per Times Of India Travel)

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Cover Image courtesy: @GopinathamMysteryTrails/Website