France To Offer 5-Year Schengen Visa To Indian Students Pursuing Master’s; Here Are The Criteria

by Shreya Shriyan
France To Offer 5-Year Schengen Visa To Indian Students Pursuing Master’s; Here Are The Criteria

France recently announced the extension of the post-study work visa for Indian students. And now, in a wave of good news, comes another. On August 9, the European country declared eligibility for a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa to Indian students who’ve studied even just a semester in France.

France Grants 5-Year Short Stay Visa To Indian Master’s Students

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The official notification for eligibility given to The Indian Express states that applicants need one semester of study in France and a Master’s degree from a recognised university in India, France, or a third country. They must also submit a fully compliant Schengen visa application.

On August 9, the embassy announced France’s goal to host 30,000 Indian students by 2030, stated the report. In a statement given to The Indian Express, H.E. Mr. Emmanuel Lenain, the Ambassador of France to India corroborated the announcement. 

As per the official announcement by the French embassy to The Indian Express, France views a semester’s stay by an Indian student as a meaningful bond. Hence, those with a Master’s degree or higher, having studied at least a semester in France, qualify for a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa. 

The French Embassy’s official statement highlights this as a unique provision, facilitating strong ties with France and its academic community, stated the report. 

He said that in line with decisions made by President Macron and Prime Minister Modi in Paris, their teams are actively implementing initiatives to benefit students. France is committed to providing Indian students with exceptional education and diverse experiences, said H.E. Mr. Emmanuel Lenain, in his statement. 

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What You Need To Know

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The Ambassador also reassured Indian students that they can expect a friendly and supportive environment for a fulfilling academic and life journey in France, stated The Indian Express. Moreover, the embassy and the French Institute have declared the forthcoming ‘Choose France Tour 2023,” stated the report.

This tour is set to occur in different locations across India throughout October, stated the report. In July of this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an extended post-study work visa. This was for Indian students studying in France, stated The Indian Express. 

Modi declared that France would provide a 5-year visa for students pursuing a master’s degree in the country. The announcement occurred during PM Modi’s address to the Indian community at La Seine Musicale in Paris, in July. 

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If you’re an Indian student who was looking forward to pursuing your career in France, here’s your opportunity.

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