From France To China, RAK Residents Are Prefer These 5 Summer Destinations: Survey

by Deeplata Garde
From France To China, RAK Residents Are Prefer These 5 Summer Destinations: Survey

It’s summertime and people are booking their vacations. Kids have summer holidays and adults are adjusting their weekend holidays to plan a vacation. Meanwhile, a survey was conducted to note the preferences of RAK residents for holiday destinations. The results are interesting! Safarak Travel & Tourism, one of Ras Al Khaimah’s Leading Destination Management Companies, has released the findings of a recent Censuswide poll.

RAK Residents Prefer European Countries For Vacation

RAK Residents
Pic Creds: Press Release

The poll sought to learn about the travel patterns and preferences of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The survey was conducted on people aged 25 and up. The poll included 505 respondents and was conducted in June 2023.

For the next 12 months, respondents’ top five desired vacation locations

  1. Caribbean (26%)
  2. France (25%)
  3. Germany (20%)
  4. China (17%)
  5. Greece (17%)

A large majority (20%) preferred beach vacations, but an equal amount (20%) preferred visiting family and friends. Just under a fifth (19%) of respondents stated a preference for activity-focused vacations such as skiing, hiking, or surfing.

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More Findings Based On The Research

RAK Residents
Pic Creds: Press Release

Based on the survey, RAK residents reported spending an average of 7 hours researching a trip before making travel arrangements. This demonstrates their commitment to offering a well-informed and well-planned journey. It appears that residents require a complete itinerary before making reservations.

When questioned about the time of their trip reservations, 40% of respondents said they often plan their vacations 3-4 weeks in advance, with respondents preferring to book a vacation 7 weeks ahead on average. Furthermore, over 41% of respondents favour online booking, while 34% prefer in-person bookings through travel agencies, according to the poll.

Sustainability was a key consideration for respondents when selecting a holiday. 82% valued sustainable destinations, 84% expressed the importance of sustainable accommodations, and 78% prioritized sustainable activities during their trips.

Social media plays a significant part in influencing respondents’ holiday plans, with 36% claiming it as their major source of inspiration. Instagram emerged as the favourite social media channel, with 61% of respondents regularly utilising it for travel-related material.
This survey gave a lot of information about the travel habits and booking habits of Ras Al Khaimah residents.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release