Rameshwaram To Get Tourism Boost As OYO Aims To Open 50 Homestays, Walking Trails And Hotels

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Rameshwaram To Get Tourism Boost As OYO Aims To Open 50 Homestays, Walking Trails And Hotels

Rameshwaram is a quaint town and one of the most cherished destinations for pilgrims and spiritual seekers. This conch-shaped town nested in the beautiful Pamban island has a lot of untapped tourism potential.  There are many beach-centric activities and historical exploration. Hence, OYO will soon open about 50 homestays, walking trails, and hotels in Rameshwaram and Ramanathapuram to boost tourism. 

OYO Aims To Boost Tourism In Rameshwaram

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To boost tourism in Rameswaram, the homestays, hotels, and walking trail will all be opened by the international hospitality technology platform OYO. 

The town’s tourism potential is largely centred on its religious significance, thanks to its famous Ramanathaswamy Temple. However, other sights like the Pamban Bridge and other beaches also present chances for exploring history and engaging in beach-related activities.

By the end of this year, OYO intends to expand its hotel and homestay offerings in Rameswaram and Ramanathapuram by 50. Most of the homestays are going to be close to the Ramanathaswamy Temple. 

Along with promoting homestays through a variety of marketing tactics, OYO will instruct homestay owners on some aspects. This includes how to increase revenue by improving visitor satisfaction and running their establishment profitably.

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Encouraging A Variety Of Tourism Activities

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The plan strives to project and promote Rameswaram as a significant tourist destination. It also aims to preserve the town’s rich cultural history in order to maximise the town’s untapped tourism potential.

Many areas of Rameswaram, including Dhanushkodi, Pamban, and many more, are rich in cultural diversity. For the benefit of birdwatchers and other environmental enthusiasts, OYO will co-create natural and maritime walking trails and advertise them on numerous internet travel sites. 

It intends to support other economic options for the residents as part of its goal to lessen their reliance on natural resources. Along with encouraging a variety of tourism activities like water sports, marine biodiversity exploration, walking trails, and outdoor camping, the plan includes a homestay development strategy.

In order to help homestay operators improve in a variety of hospitality disciplines,  OYO also wants to host workshops for them. This will include behavioural skills, use of technology, and destination promotion through creative techniques. 

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