Louis Vuitton Opens Its 1st Concept Cafe In Italy; Shop While Relishing Delish Sicilian Food

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by Vaishalee Kalvankar

This August, Louis Vuitton opened its first Italian cafe in Taormina, Sicily, in Italy. Louis Vuitton Café by Timeo, with an adjoining resort store, marks the first concept cafe of the brand in Italy. The cafe can be found inside the recently opened Maison store, which features a variety of items from clothing to bags and shoes to home decor accessories. So now get ready to relish Sicilian dishes and shop for your favourites.

Louis Vuitton Opens Its 1st Concept Cafe In Italy

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The first Louis Vuitton Café by Timaeus on the first floor welcomes you into a world of Made in Italy delicatessens. With two menus—salty and sweet—the Cafe, run by the Grand Hotel Timaeus of Belmond, is open all day. 

With traditional recipes reimagined in a new cuisine, both menus aim to provide guests with a light experience that represents the regional flavours and characteristics. Examples of such dishes include arancini, tiny cassata, and a range of small Sicilian sweets.

All day long, there is an à la carte menu and a distinct drink menu available. Among the many options offered during the aperitif is one that was especially created: the Taormina Spritz.

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Summer’s Flurry Of Pop-Up Stores

Credits: @louisvuitton/Website

The store offers ready-to-wear, accessories, bags, and shoes from the Louis Vuitton by the Pool line, as well as a limited-edition version of the iconic Neverfull tote bag. The series uses various colours of white and blue to keep with the colour pattern.

The room is decorated with ceramic tiles that match the blue and white Mediterranean colour scheme, as well as Bulbo armchairs designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana.

The LV by The Pool line is featured in the numerous resort boutiques the brand has launched this summer, including those in the Hamptons, Saint Tropez, France, Bodrum, Turkey, and Mykonos, Greece.

The most recent opening of Vuitton is in line with the summer’s flurry of pop-up stores, transient shops, and temporary outposts for premium companies.

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