Abu Dhabi Folks, Go Finish This 1-Metre Shawarma At Operation:Falafel For Just AED99

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Folks, Go Finish This 1-Metre Shawarma At Operation:Falafel For Just AED99

Dubai’s very own food chain, Operation: Falafel, has recently made a substantial announcement set to revolutionize Middle Eastern culinary experiences. The company has introduced its latest gem, the 1-metre Shawarma, a gastronomic wonder that promises a distinctive dining experience for its foodie customers.

Operation: Falafel Unveils the Culinary Marvel: 1-Metre Shawarma


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A Fresh Addition to the Menu

The 1-metre Shawarma is now exclusively available at the brand’s inaugural dine-in store located in Abu Dhabi. Priced at AED99, this novel inclusion isn’t just a mere meal; it’s a lavish feast. Accompanied by fries, garlic, spicy mayonnaise, sliced pickles, coleslaw, and Mexican pickles, this Shawarma stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer contentment.

An Unparalleled Dining Adventure

Presently confined to Abu Dhabi, the 1-metre Shawarma is anticipated to debut in KSA by mid-November. However, it will remain a distinctive feature solely accessible at the Abu Dhabi branch within the UAE. This strategic decision aims to offer an exceptional dining experience exclusively to the brand’s patrons.

Expanding Horizons


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Operation: Falafel has been at the forefront of offering authentic Arabic cuisine and recently broadened its repertoire with the launch of two new outlets. Officially inaugurating at the Dubai Hills Mall and Enoc – Dubai Festival City, both branches will predominantly offer a concise Middle Eastern menu centred on sandwiches, platters, and the ‘build your own bowl’ option.

A Pledge to Authenticity

The brand’s commitment to presenting guests with an authentic taste of Arabic street food at affordable prices and accessible locations is glaringly apparent in its expansion approach. Operation: Falafel has forged a strong bond of loyalty with its patrons and remains steadfast in upholding its dedication to quality and authenticity.

The introduction of the 1-metre Shawarma serves as a testament to Operation: Falafel’s innovative prowess while staying true to its cultural roots. As the brand perpetually expands and introduces novel culinary delights, it becomes apparent that Operation: Falafel isn’t just a food chain but a culinary institution shaping the future of Arabic street food.

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Most Popular Shawarma Spots In Dubai


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1. Al Hallab: Recognized for its Lebanese shawarmas, Al Hallab operates within Dubai Mall. It presents a delightful atmosphere complemented by views of the Dancing Fountain and the Burj Khalifa.

2. Al Mallah: A Middle Eastern eatery offering delightful Lebanese classics like falafel and shawarma.

3. Al Safadi Restaurant: Another Lebanese cuisine spot listed, Al Safadi’s shawarma earns favour for its harmonious taste.

4. Zaroob: Positioned in Dubai Marina, Zaroob draws inspiration from the traditional street food peddlers prevalent across the Levant area.

5. Allo Beirut: A remarkable addition to the city’s speedy-casual Levantine dining scene, Allo Beirut takes shawarma seriously.


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In Conclusion

The debut of the 1-metre Shawarma by Operation: Falafel signifies a significant milestone in the brand’s journey. It embodies the brand’s commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and authenticity. As Operation: Falafel progresses and innovates, culinary enthusiasts can anticipate more such gastronomic delights harmonizing tradition with innovation.

Where: Muroor Road
When: 8 am–1:30 am
Cost: AED 99

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