5 Arabic Foods Every Foodie Must Try In Dubai

by Saniya
5 Arabic Foods Every Foodie Must Try In Dubai

Understanding a region’s cuisine is as important as understanding the history or the culture. Having said that, trying Arabic food ought to be a must-do on your trip to the Middle East. The creamy gravies and the flavour meat cuts offer delicious options that appeal to every palette. And with Dubai being the perfect gateway to the Arab world, a lot of variety in Arab food beckons us here. So here is our pick of the top Arabic food that a visitor must try in Dubai

1. Mandi

Arabian Mandi
Credits: bayut.com

Mandi- a slow-cooked aromatic rice dish prepared with lamb or chicken and mildly flavoured Arabian spices. Originating from Yemen, the dish is incredibly popular among the resident’s thanks to its soft textured meat and flavorful rice. Mandi is slow-cooked for hours in the ground owing to which it gets its rich taste. With restaurants and Arabic food corners across the country serving this delicacy, Restaurants like Marahabani offer a variety of Mandi’s under AED 50.

Address: Hor Al Anz, Jumeirah, Deira
Timings: 12 noon to 11 PM
Price: Chicken Mandi starts from 25 AED, Lamb Mandi starts from 45 AED
Contact: 04 2660664

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2. Manakeesh

Manakeesh- Arabic food
Credits: Manoushe Street/ Facebook

Manakeesh, also known as Manoushe, is the Pizza of Arabia. Loaded with various toppings, ranging from the good old Zaatar or Labneh to Cheese and Egg; these pies are easy to eat. Additionally, they come in multiple combinations of toppings. This allows the eaters to indulge in wholesome and tasty meals. Affordably priced ranging from AED 8 to AED 20 at Manoushe Street; Manakeesh is a hot favourite when it comes to Arabic food in Dubai.

Where: Across Dubai
Timings: 6:30am – 5:30pm
Cost: AED 105 for two
Contact: 04 5260398

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3. Kunafeh

(Credits: Pixabay)

Kunafeh, the Palestinian delicacy has found a home in large parts of Levantine and Arabia. This one is extremely popular with Arabic foodies with sweet tooth. This string pastry made out of semolina is filled with cheese or/and cream all doused in a sugary syrup giving it a crunch and sweet taste. In Dubai, Feras Al Diyafa Sweets is famous for its delicious Kunafa in Dubai.

Location: Opposite Mall of Emirates
Timings: 10 am – 1 am
Cost: AED 90 for two
Contact: 04 341 3123

4. Luqaimaat

These crunchy doughnut balls are another one of Arabian desserts. Liberally drizzled with honey and topped with sesame seeds, these dumpling-like balls are known as Lokma in Turkey. In Dubai, famed Arabian eatery Luqmato served piping hot Luqaimat to binge into. Moreover, at Luqmato, you can have your bite filled with various flavours like chocolate, crème, etc. A portion of six of these goodies with Turkish tea will cost you AED 19.

Location: Lower Ground Floor, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
Timings: 10am – 1am
Cost: AED 80 for two
Contact: 04 3627500

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5. Shawarma

Shawarmas are synonymous with Arabic food. This simple preparation has travelled across the world thanks to its impeccable taste. Grilled seasoned chicken wrapped up in pita bread, served with garlic sauce, hummus, and fries; a Chicken Shawarma is an Arabic food for all seasons. A great place to try Shawarma in UAE is Al Ijaza Cafeteria in Dubai.

Where: Jumeirah 1
Timings: 7:30pm – 3:30am
Contact: 04 3444874