ADAFSA Shut Down Major Supermarket In Abu Dhabi Over Improper Storage Of Live Poultry

Abu Dhabi supermarket closure over severe food safety breach.

by Deeplata Garde
ADAFSA Shut Down Major Supermarket In Abu Dhabi Over Improper Storage Of Live Poultry

In a significant blow to consumer trust, Abu Dhabi authorities have closed a major supermarket due to a severe food safety breach. The supermarket, High Quality Foodstuff Trading in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi faced immediate closure after authorities discovered multiple safety violations compromising public health and safety.

Abu Dhabi Supermarket Breaches Safety Code

High Quality Foodstuff Trading was locked down by the Abu Dhabi Agricultural and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA). ADAFSA conducts regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards, and during one such inspection, they found live poultry improperly stored at this supermarket. This serious violation prompted ADAFSA to close the establishment. The authority also took to social media to inform the public about the breach. The supermarket can reopen only after addressing ADAFSA’s concerns.

Raising the Bar: ADAFSA’s Strict Inspections Over Safety Violation

Picture Credits: It’s Singular

ADAFSA’s stringent inspections ensure safety standards are met across the region. As a result, several outlets have faced closures. Due to various violations, the department recently shut down two butchers, a restaurant, and now a supermarket. Here are some recent cases ADAFSA has resolved:

  1. Toshka Cafeteria Closure: ADAFSA shut down Toshka Cafeteria in February after finding an unhygienic kitchen infested with rodents.
  2. Butchery Shutdowns: Al Amal Butchery and Al Ayham Butchery in Mushrif Mall were closed due to poor meat labelling and a roach infestation.
  3. Saveway Supermarket Closure: In Al Khalidiya, Saveway Supermarket was closed after multiple warnings, as expired products were found on shelves.

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ADAFSA’s actions highlight the importance of maintaining high safety standards to protect consumers. They serve as a reminder to other businesses to adhere strictly to food safety regulations.

How To Report Food Safety Violations

If you witness any safety violations at your local grocery store or food outlet, it’s crucial to report them to the authorities. You can contact ADAFSA by calling their hotline at 800 555. Your vigilance can help maintain public health and safety standards across Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi sets a benchmark for food safety and consumer protection by ensuring only compliant businesses operate. The swift action taken by ADAFSA reflects the city’s dedication to upholding these standards.

Cover Image Courtesy: ADAFSA/ X, Canva

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