After Bhindi Biryani, Bhumi Pednekar Sips Ghee Coffee Leaving Fans Amused

by Sanmita A
After Bhindi Biryani, Bhumi Pednekar Sips Ghee Coffee Leaving Fans Amused

Actor Bhumi Pednekar is taking on the internet with her unusual, yet super healthy choice of food dishes. Recently, she shared an Instagram story with a photo of Bhindi Biryani – quite an unusual combination. And, once again, she has got her fans with Ghee coffee. Well, it looked all frothy and creamy. And, we bet it must have been a delicious one. For Indians, it can be a drink you can stir quickly, with the ingredient available easily in our kitchens.

Bhumi Pednekar And Her Indulgence With Ghee Coffee

Bhumi shared the picture of Ghee Coffee with the hashtags #GheeCoffee and #FatFirst. And honestly, if you take a look, you will surely agree to try on this healthy recipe. And being the healthy fat option Ghee is, you will not have to worry too much.

Ghee Coffee_1

Bhumi isn’t the first in B-Town to share her ghee combination food. Earlier, Mira Rajput too, who is known for her fitness and skincare regime, shared about her indulgences with the ingredient.


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Ghee Coffee Recipes And Its Benefits

Ghee is a great source of energy and, if combined with coffee, it will benefit you by keeping the gut healthy. Read on to know more benefits of this ingredient –

  1. Great source of energy and is usually taken during the colder season to keep the body warm.
  2. Ghee boosts the Immunity System in the body and also takes care of the digestion process.
  3.  If you have irregular menstrual cycles or hormonal imbalance, then Ghee must be a part of a regular diet.
  4. It is also said that a warm drop of gree can help cure a cold and blocked nose.

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