After Occupying Her Seat, Family Shouts At Woman Travelling Alone In Train; Internet Questions Safety Of Solo Female Passengers

According to the post shared on X (formerly Twitter), the passengers refused to vacate the seat and the woman had to turn to authorities for help.

by Tashika Tyagi
After Occupying Her Seat, Family Shouts At Woman Travelling Alone In Train; Internet Questions Safety Of Solo Female Passengers

One of the worst fears while travelling on a train is overcrowded coaches. Having to fight for your own seat in all the chaos is just the cherry on top! Unfortunately, a young woman on the Doon Express recently had to encounter it all. On February 18, the woman’s older sister posted on X (formerly Twitter) about how her sister’s confirmed seat was occupied by a passenger and his family. When asked to vacate, he shouted and asked her to take an upper berth with three other passengers. On advice from fellow passengers, the sister logged a complaint with Rail Madad and got back her seat in 20 minutes. This entire ordeal has raised many questions about the safety of women travelling alone in trains.

Woman Finds Confirmed Train Seat Occupied, Heckler Refuses To Vacate

On February 18, X (formerly Twitter) user @Avoid_potato posted about how her sister’s confirmed seat on the train was occupied by other passengers. Her sister was travelling on the Doon Express that runs between Rishikesh and Howrah. She explained how the ‘uncle ji’ refused to vacate her seat, shouted at the young girl, and asked her to move to an upper berth with three other passengers.


In a series of tweets, her elder sister shared pictures and videos of the chaos in the train and the seat occupied by several passengers. She even shared a screenshot of her conversation with her younger sister who was shaken by the entire incident and wasn’t feeling too well. What’s worse is that the young woman was travelling alone for the first time. The elder sister felt helpless and asked Netizens for help and how she could make sure her sister was safe. People advised her to get help from Rail Madad. There she registered her complaint and asked the authorities to take immediate action.

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Indian Railways Comes To The Rescue Within 20 Minutes

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According to a follow-up tweet, officials from the Railway Protection Force soon came to the rescue. They were able to get her seat vacated in 20 minutes. The elder sister provided the authorities with the woman’s seat number and contact details. They were able to help her in time and made sure her journey ahead was safe and uneventful.


As per the last update, the younger sibling was safe and with her elder sister.

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Internet Questions The Safety Of Woman Travelling In Trains

This entire ordeal has brought several issues to light. To begin with, such overcrowding on the train is really concerning. There must be certain steps taken to screen out the extra passengers to make sure people with confirmed seats don’t face such issues.

Another aspect of concern is the safety of women passengers in trains – especially those travelling alone – which has been a major highlight. People have asked how can women feel safe when such incidents frequently occur in day-to-day life. The post was flooded with comments about how the sister should have booked a 3A or above coach to avoid such a scene.



This entire ordeal has raised many questions about travelling alone on the train, especially for females. What’s your take on it all?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@Avoid_potato

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