After Parle-G Barfi, Horlicks Barfi Is Also In The Trend

by Suchismita Pal
After Parle-G Barfi, Horlicks Barfi Is Also In The Trend

A few days before, a barfi made by frying Parle-G biscuits in desi ghee had amused foodies. And now, Horlicks barfi is also in the trend. Shagun Sweets and Bakery near Durgapuri Chowk in Shahdara, Delhi is known for many mind-blowing dessert offerings and the Horlicks barfi is one of their quirkiest prep-ups. While many netizens have loved the dessert, some others were angered with it. However, the video shared on the Instagram page oye.foodie went insanely viral grabbing over 62.6K likes. It was reshared on the bakery’s Instagram page too.


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The Barfi Resembles A Mysore Paak

In the video, we see that the makers are first heating up the pan and then putting a white powder in it (seems to be semolina or gram flour). After roasting the powder in the hot pan, a paste is created, and to this paste, Horlicks powder is added. Then the confectioner adds dry fruits to the paste and sautees it until it gets harder. He then spreads the paste over a tray and creates a huge cube of the sweet. He then cuts these cubes into square-shaped barfis. The end product also resembles a Mysore paak.

Horlicks Barfi
Picture Credits: Halfcute

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The Bakery Made A Rasmalai Cake Too

Shagun Sweets and Bakery is making headlines recently for its wide array of unique offerings. The sweet shop has made a kaju katli cake that has fascinated dessert lovers. The bakery also makes a gold-plated mithai costing ₹16,000/kg. Recently, it has uploaded the video of a Rasmalai Cake that looks nothing short of marvellous

So, if you’re getting sweet rushes, head straight to Shagun to satiate your cravings.

Address | Near Durgapuri Chowk, Shahdara, Delhi