After Seeing The Balenciaga Lays Bags Collection We Only Have One Question: WHY?

by Sanmita A
After Seeing The Balenciaga Lays Bags Collection We Only Have One Question: WHY?

Luxury brands around the world are known for their creativity and their knack for standing out. Recently, during the Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga, a Spanish Luxury brand got everyone talking after they collaborated with Lays and created bags that are a lookalike of the Lays chips packet. The chips packet bag collection is a part of their new summer 2023 collection. Here’s everything you need to know about this offbeat collection.

Love Binging Lays? Now Carry Bags Too, That Look Like Chips Packet

Balenciaga Lays bags collection is one of a kind. With their quirky collection with Lays, Balenciaga has put up a style quotient and become the literal talk of the town. The bags are in varied colours and have the exact plastic-like feel. The models could be seen wearing baggs attires and holding the bags just the way one holds a chips packet. Lays took to Twitter to showcase their collab with Balenciaga, take a look.

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Netizens Are Talking About These New Lays Packets

Lays with their post have surely got their fans talking about the new bags collection. While some were totally taken aback, a few were asking for the production of more kinds of flavours. Initially, we are sure that Netizens were totally shocked by this collab. Take a look.

“The scariest thing of this image is the lack of hot lays in store 🙄”

“So the models are walking a post apocalyptic world with air in lays packets.”

“What are these fashion ideas. Chips have hella more drip then they do.”

“How much will these cost?”

What do you think of these bags? Will you ever shell out a bomb for these Lays fashioned chips packet bags? Let us know in the comment section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Lays