Ahmedabad To Get 5 Star Rating System For Packaged Foods To Indicate Unhealthy Items

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1065

Foodies out there!  Every time you wish to order food from a new eatery or plan to dine at a new restaurant in town, you might have concerns about the hygiene and quality of the food served. Your food concerns have now been taken care of, thanks to the new hygiene regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Restaurants and hotels will soon have to display hygiene ratings on their doors or entrances across India, as asked by the FSSAI. The authority will also train staff to check compliance with hygiene standards.

What’s In It?

The trend of eating out, ordering meals from food aggregators and just exploring different restaurants in India has caught up now than ever before. FSSAI for this very reason has decided to implement strict hygiene regulations to protect the interests of thousands of diners across India. A reputed news agency has reported that FSSAI will soon be training around 1,70,000 people to check the safety of the food that is served in restaurants. This system will soon assure the quality of food served in restaurants. The hygiene rating system will motivate restaurant owners to improve their standards. There will also be filtering out of restaurants and eating joints that may pose health risks to consumers.

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Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

What’s More?

FFSAI as a part of its ‘Eat Right Campaign’ is bringing about these series of measures which are aimed at preventive healthcare through regulations and checks, along with awareness efforts and moves for food building capacity for eateries. As a part of this campaign, notices will be sent to restaurants that are found to be risking food safety of customers. With the increased costs in food quality maintenance, there might also be an increase in food prices. But with the proper implementation of these hygiene measures by FSSAI, let’s hope that we foodies can have access to better quality food and dining experiences across India.

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