AI-Driven KOGO App Is Redefining Travel With Personal Guide, Trip Maker & Offering Bookable Options

There is a AI-powered travel app, KOGO, which offers personal guide and budget-friendly travel recommendations.

by Shreya Rathod
AI-Driven KOGO App Is Redefining Travel With Personal Guide, Trip Maker & Offering Bookable Options

One of the top AI travel advisor apps in India, Mappls KOGO was founded in January 2020 by the well-known bikers Praveer Kochhar and Raj K Gopalakrishnan. It provides bookable travel suggestions that save time and money. With its dynamic AI-driven travel platform and Delhi headquarters, Mappls KOGO app has made a name for itself as a leader in passionate travel discovery with its cutting-edge AI Trip Maker and AI personal travel advisor, “The Kogonaut.”

The Biker Duo Is Redefining Travel With AI-Driven KOGO App


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During a trip across the Himalayas, the founders were having trouble finding a tea shop they had been to before, which gave rise to the idea for the platform. As committed tourists and motorbike riders, these infrequently annoying encounters like this brought to light the necessity for improved research and planning tools, which finally resulted in the creation of ‘’.

One of the main features and services of the platform is its AI Trip Maker, which quickly creates custom itineraries with bookings for restaurants, attractions, experiences, lodging, and activities at reasonable pricing. An additional tool called Kogonaut Chat allows users to communicate with an AI travel expert to get advice and information on a range of travel-related topics, including locations, cuisine, customs, history, trivia, and advice.

Mappls KOGO primarily serves the travel and experiences industry. They are using a large bookable travel ecosystem. It includes flights, more than a million hotels, 300,000+ activities, 20,000+ comprehensive itineraries, and comprehensive route information. The Kogo X Travel Membership programme gives customers access to the lowest pricing without margins or commissions, even if the app is free for all users. uses geospatial intelligence, real-time transport data, and unique AI technologies to transform travel and hyperlocal experiences.

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The product has changed dramatically to a comprehensive vacation booking and discovery environment.

Improving Travel Experience & Hope For Growth

With a generative AI chatbot, it is now the ultimate AI travel expert. This distinguishes it from rivals by making it a complete travel and exploration platform with community and social engagement capabilities. The company constantly innovates to improve the travel experience. And in the future, it hopes to grow into the Middle East, Latin America, and ASEAN markets. To serve those who are looking for customised travel experiences and immersive cultural exchanges around the world.

The business started licensing its stack to OEMs in 2021, establishing alliances with well-known companies like KTM, TVS, JAWA, and HERO to further establish its position in the mobility market. Through B2B2C channels, these partnerships increased Mappls KOGO’s audience base to over 4 million.

MapMyIndia is a global leader in digital maps, geospatial software, and location-based Internet of Things technologies. It has contributed two rounds of financial boosts totalling ₹190 million to Mappls KOGO. And underscoring the platform’s potential to upend the tourism industry. The in-house innovation lab at is devoted to developing solutions that improve the travelling and stepping-out experience.

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The app aims to become the world’s leading AI travel expert. It features a compelling purpose to encourage people to travel by enabling personalised discovery. And that makes the planning and booking process easier.

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