Sonu Sood Launches His New Travel App & Here’s Everything About It

Sonu Sood Travel App
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 332

Actor Sonu Sood has launched a social media app to help us preserve our precious travel memories. The app named Explurger is empowered by Artificial Intelligence and it also helps users to plan their future travels efficiently. What’s more, the app has a Bucket List option too where users can add their loved destinations, restaurants and more they plan to explore in future. It also gives rewards to its users in the form of discount coupons. Read on to know more.

Explurger Will Create A Complete Travelogue For You Using Artificial Intelligence

Explurger app is founded by Jitin Bhatia and co-founded by Sonu Sood. The holistic application helps users share travel stories, connect with fellow travellers online, know about places, exchange travel inspirations, create bucket lists and much more. The Artificial Intelligence in the app will create a mind-boggling travelogue for you with the help of your travel posts. It will show you how many miles you have travelled, the number of cities and countries you have visited and much more. What can be an easier and better way to make our travel memories unforgettable?


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Get Pop Up Reminders For Places Included In Your Bucket List

The Bucket List is one of the coolest features of the Explurger app. When you see a post of a traveller on the app and like the destination or eatery the person visited, you can simply add the place to your Bucket List. And amid your busy schedules, even if you forget to go back and check the Bucket List, worry not. If you’re in proximity to any of the places included in the list, you’ll get a pop-up reminder on the app.


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Excited to get the app already? Download it by clicking here. On that note, check out this list of 5 Best Apps To Have On Your Phone For Budget Travel.

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