After Buses & Trains, ‘Ladies Only’ Takes Off on Planes

by Sneha Pai
After Buses & Trains, ‘Ladies Only’ Takes Off on Planes

Air India Ladies Only Under 140 Characters

The maharaja airlines will solely dedicate 6 Air India ladies only seats on every domestic flight for solo women travellers.

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Basis the response, the maharaja carrier may even extend Air India ladies only seats to their international counterparts.

As a matter of fact starting today, ladies can book reserved seats in the third row of the economy class cabin at no extra cost. Additionally, these seats will be available for up to an hour before check-in closes.

air india ladies

Perhaps, for the first time ever, seats can be reserved by women on planes.

This decision was in response to a recent in-flight misbehaviour. Both of which occurred in Air India over the course of two weeks, on two separate occasions.

Twitteratis Be Like…

The Goan Boy failed to make sense of this decision by AI

Chaitanya had a hilarious take on it!

While The Bad Doctor had a badass point

While this young lady had a strong one!

All in all, this initiative is garnering some interesting reactions, don’t you think?! What are your thoughts, ladies, and gentlemen? Let me know in the comments.

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