Air India To Merge With Vistara; Tata Group & Singapore Airlines In Talks

by Suchismita Pal
Air India To Merge With Vistara; Tata Group & Singapore Airlines In Talks

Air India gets an inch closer to getting privatised. India’s flag career airline might soon merge with Vistara airline with complete integration. The two airlines are in discussions with one another to get merged soon.

Air India was launched as Tata Air Services by J.R.D Tata in 1932. In 1948, the Government of India acquired the airline and in 1953, it was designated as the country’s national carrier. But after several years of successful operation, the airline began to experience a severe financial crisis. As a result, Air India returned to Tata in 2021 in a move that was dubbed a ‘homecoming’ by everyone.

Privatisation Of Air India Might Finally Become A Reality As It Plans To Merge With Vistara


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After re-acquiring Air India in 2021, Tata introduced new measures to revive the airline to its previous glory. Also, there have been talks for a long time to make the airline privatised. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that the plan will finally become a reality with Air India planning to join hands with Vistara.

Vistara is a joint venture between Tata and Singapore Airlines. Tata owns 51% of Vistara and Singapore Airlines owns 49%.  Air India offers benefits like a higher check-in baggage allowance as compared to other airlines. Most airlines allow up to 15 kgs of weight in check-in luggage. Air India allows up to 25 kgs for the same. Vistara, on the other hand, is known for its premium-quality services at reasonable costs. Thus, the merger might benefit a large number of air passengers.

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The Resulting Airline Would Be The Second Largest In India

Interestingly, if the merger happens, the resulting airline will be the second-largest in India, preceded by IndiGo. At present, Vistara holds the position of India’s second-largest airline. Also, the Competition Commission of India has consented to this unification. Reportedly, the airline will be a low-cost one to cater to a large number of passengers.

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