Air Traffic At Its Highest As International Airlines Return To India

by Kritika Kukreja

Under 140 Characters

Plenty of International carriers have started operations in India again and have resulted in a great amount of air traffic within the country. 

What Is It?

At least 4-5 International airlines have started operations in India giving us great opportunities to take direct flights to abroad destinations but that has also resulted in high amounts of air traffic at airports. With Indians taking more number of International flights over the years, the passenger count has nearly doubled in the last 10 years which has brought many of the International carriers back to serving Indian passengers.

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What Are The Airlines?

AirAsia has started its New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur flight (which was stopped in 2016), to give you direct flights from India to Thailand. Alitalia is also flying us from India to Italy along with Delta Air, which will be introducing its Mumbai to USA direct flight by beginning of 2019. 

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Along with that, an Iceland carrier Wow Air will be flying us from India to any destination in the US via Reykjavik. Joon Airlines from France will be starting a Mumbai to Paris flight by July 2018 and Air Italy will also be starting Mumbai to Milan from October 2018. 

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