AirAsia Flight Takes Off Without Karnataka Governor At Bangalore Airport; Airline To Investigate

by Shreya Rathod
AirAsia Flight Takes Off Without Karnataka Governor At Bangalore Airport; Airline To Investigate

AIX Connect is also called AirAsia and offers connectivity to various domestic and international locations. A recent incident took place on an AirAsia flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad. The flight was supposed to take off from Kempegowda International Airport but without Karnataka Governor! Here is what happened at the airport.

AirAsia Flight Took Off Without Karnataka Governor

airasia flight karnataka governor
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On Thursday, a flight operated by AIX Connect (AKA AirAsia) departed from the airport in Bangalore without stopping to wait for Karnataka Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot. The Governor’s protocol staff has filed a complaint with the airport police department.

The Governor was scheduled to fly from Bangalore Airport’s Terminal 2 to Hyderabad. He then intended to take a road trip to Raichur to attend a convocation.

However, he took a while to get to the terminal. But as soon as the plane touched down, his luggage was loaded. The flight had already left for Hyderabad by the time he arrived at the VIP lounge to board, according to sources.

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Airline To Investigate The Incident

airasia flight karnataka governor
Credits: Wikimedia

According to an Indian Express report, there were still five minutes till takeoff, and the Governor was not late. He might have boarded the plane with permission from the ATC and flight attendants. It goes against protocol. A letter requesting legal action has been written. A governor has never before been turned away from an aircraft after arriving on time. However, he took another flight to Hyderabad after 90 minutes.

AIX Connect expressed its regret for the incident that took place. They further stated that there is an inquiry going on, and the proper steps will be taken. To resolve the issues, the airline’s top leadership group is in touch with the governor’s office.

They are steadfastly committed to upholding the strictest codes of conduct and procedure, and they respect their working relationship with the Governor’s Office very highly. However, no other details are released regarding this incident yet.

AIX Connect is a joint venture of Tata Sons and the Malaysian airline. Moreover, the airline has headquarters at the Bangalore airport.

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