Airbnb & Ministry Of Tourism Partner Up; To Launch “Soul Of India” To Promote Heritage Homes

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Airbnb & Ministry Of Tourism Partner Up; To Launch “Soul Of India” To Promote Heritage Homes

India is known to have many heritage homes.  Airbnb and the Indian government’s ministry of tourism signed a MoU was signed today. The goal of the MoU is to market India as a highly desired, promising travel destination. This will draw attention to its extensive cultural legacy. The unveiling of the exclusive “Soul of India” microsite, which features a variety of heritage properties throughout the nation, is one of the key elements. 

Airbnb And Ministry Of Tourism Partner Up 

The MoU signed by Airbnb and the Ministry of Tourism intends to highlight the cultural importance of India’s heritage homes. Additionally, it hopes to inspire visitors to take immersive tours of the nation’s rich history.

The ‘Soul of India’ microsite, which will be launched by Airbnb, will highlight historic properties all around the country. It will reveal the engrossing tales that surround the historical buildings and travel destinations. This will encourage tourists to have distinctive cultural excursions and fully immerse themselves in India’s incomparable spirit.

These heritage homes, rich in history and exquisite architecture, provide a genuine window into India’s diverse cultural past. Additionally, Airbnb will help promote their homestays, increase host capacity, and promote a responsible hosting culture while providing support to hosts in underserved tourist areas.

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The Best Way To Bring Atithi Devo Bhava To Practice

Through marketing tactics and initiatives, Airbnb and the Ministry of Tourism will work together over the course of the next year to strengthen India’s position in the international tourism market. 

One of the key elements include utilising targeted local and international efforts to highlight the unique historical stays accessible all around the nation

Additionally, Airbnb will make an effort to train hospitality microbusiness owners in developing regions that are a part of the Ministry’s flagship programme. Insights on travel and homestays will also be shared with the Ministry of Tourism. This will be done in order to influence training standards and responsible tourism policy.

The Union Tourism Minister, Shri G Kishan Reddy, said that “Atithi Devi Bhava” is India’s old dictum. In this dictum, guests are always equated to gods. He said that there is no better way to extend hospitality to God than by making them stay with the local communities in heritage homes. 

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