Airbnb’s Most Popular Treehouse In Atlanta Promises An Unforgettable Summer. Deets Here!

by Shreya Ghosh

Summer season is already here and we are all set to enjoy the season by going on holidays and vacation to beat the heat. There are so many places in different corners of the world to plan a trip to but it is always such a stressful job to decide the destination of your holiday. Well, we have something very exciting to suggest to you. What about spending this summer holiday with a beautiful and unique Airbnb property? We are quite sure that most of us have not been to such places before!

Say Hello To One Of The Most-Wishlisted Properties On Airbnb!


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Have you ever lived in a treehouse? If not, this is your time to make your childhood dreams come true! Stay away from all the hustle and bustle of crowds and tourists and book this magnificent Airbnb treehouse in Atlanta. There is some availability finally in the month of June. So if you have plans to spend your summer holidays amidst the mesmerising beauty of Atlanta, make sure to check out this property.

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Most of us have had the dream of staying inside a treehouse when we were a child. Thanks to Airbnb as we get to live our childhood dreams now. The only catch is that we need to be super quick with booking this property as globetrotters are very enthusiastic to book a stay here.

Here’s All You Need To Know About This Treehouse:

  • Home to 3 rooms, this property is an escape to lush greenery to rejuvenate yourself with natural aura and beauty.
  • The rooms are decked in the most stunning way with loads of marvellous elements and intricacies. The property transports you to an all-new world with decades-old decor and premium comfort even when you are living on a tree.
  •  This Airbnb property is just the perfect choice if you want to stay far away from all the chaos and noise of this bustling summer holiday. This is the peak travel season and it is evident that finding a calm place with no distractions is a difficult task. This is where this treehouse comes to the rescue.

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Surround by serenity and natural beauty, spending holidays at this Airbnb treehouse is going to be an extraordinary experience. So when in Atlanta, make sure to check out this Airbnb treehouse!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva