Airplane Cabin Designers Reveal Potential Plane Seat Ideas

by Sanjana Shenoy
Airplane Cabin Designers Reveal Potential Plane Seat Ideas

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how we can maintain social distancing after the world reopens, then you’re not alone. When it comes to movie theatres, metros, airplanes, educational institutions and workplace it’s quite a task to maintain social distancing. So now the question arises when the pandemic subsides how can these places ensure a new standard of safety? When it comes to airplanes, cabin designers have revealed potential plane seat ideas for when we will be able to travel again.

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Janus Seat Design

Aviointeriors, an Italian aircraft interior manufacturing company unveiled designs that meet social distancing criteria. These designs were meant to be revealed at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. But it was cancelled because of the pandemic. The company instead went on to show their designs online. The first design is ‘Janus’ a new seating concept modelled around the two-faced Roman God. The Janus seating plan is a two-faced seat. The middle seat is revolved around to face the rear of the aircraft. Passengers seated next to each other, will be isolated to the maximum courtesy a transparent shield that wraps around the middle seat. This seating arrangement and wraparound shield will ensure each passenger has their own private guarded space. People in aisle seats can also be isolated from those walking up and down the aircraft.

airplane cabin designers potential plane seat ideas
Picture Credits: Aviointeriors

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Glassafe Seat Design

Aviointeriors proposed another seat design named ‘Glassafe’. This is a transparent cocoon that matches to the top of the existing airplane seats. An isolated volume around the passenger is created to ensure minimized contacts and interactions via air between one passenger to another. This is the purpose of the attachable bubble. However if this attachable Glassafe is to be utilized then approval from governments and regulators will be needed before they are included in commercial cabins. Have You Ever Wondered Why Airplane Windows Do Not Match Up With Seats?

airplane cabin designers potential plane seat ideas
Picture Credits: Aviointeriors,

Both Janus and Glassafe seat designs have already been patented. Aviointeriors stated that they’re ready for production. It would be interesting to see how these airplane designs pan out and define the future of air travel for us passengers. Apart from the aviation industry, the hotel industry has also started instituting new protocols when it comes to disinfecting rooms and cleaning public spaces.