Ever Wondered Why Airplane Windows Do Not Match Up With Seats?

by Gizel Menezes
Ever Wondered Why Airplane Windows Do Not Match Up With Seats?

Imagine this! You’ve got to the airport in time, checked-in as well and got yourself a window seat! Aaah! The child in you is ecstatic. You board the plane, walk in excitedly through the aisle to your seat. You place your luggage up and finally sit down in peace, only to realise that your window does not match up to your seat! Arrghh! You’re irritated but you have no option than to make peace with whatever you have!

While this happens most of the time, and we often end up stretching and craning our necks way too much to look out of the window, the airline is to blame for this! And if you’ve ever thought as to why this happens often, the answer will annoy you, and you have no option but to make peace with it again. I’ll explain why!

Why Don’t Airplane Windows Align With The Seats?

While most airplanes are designed in such a way that seats could potentially match up to the windows, it is up to the airlines to decide how they would want to position the seats and they most often than not end up neglecting the design suggested by the manufacturers.

This not only costs you your legroom but also your view and if you’ve ever paid extra for a window seat, this is bound to annoy you all the more.

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Are Budget Airlines Guilty Of Not Aligning The Seats More Frequently?

The cheaper the airline you choose, the more chances of the windows not aligning to your seat, because budget airlines are notorious for doing this at a large scale to keep the price competitive. Some airplanes are bought without fitting the interiors, and hence are free to swarm the seats as per their choice. More the number of seats, more the profit! The math is pretty simple!

The next time you’re in such a situation, you’ll know why but make sure to carry your travel pillow along with some in-flight entertainment (if you’re flying a short distance), so that you’re well prepared. 

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