Al Quoz & Al Meydan Dubai: Major Transformation Will Reduce Travel Time From 8 Mins To 1!

Here’s a new and quick way to reduce travel time in Dubai.

by Deeplata Garde
Al Quoz & Al Meydan Dubai: Major Transformation Will Reduce Travel Time From 8 Mins To 1!

In the dynamic landscape of Dubai, renowned for its rapid development and cutting-edge infrastructure, a new chapter unfolds with a groundbreaking road improvement initiative. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai takes the spotlight once again, announcing a project set to transform travel times on major city routes from eight minutes to a mere one minute. So get ready to reach your destination in the blink of an eye!

New Routes To  Reduce Travel Time In Dubai

Pic Creds: Dubai RTA

This project stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment of RTA to elevate Dubai’s infrastructure and align it with the emirate’s sustainable expansion. The primary goal is to enhance traffic safety and flow by addressing existing bottlenecks, ultimately aiming for a staggering 93 per cent reduction in congestion.

The impact of this visionary project extends far beyond the reduction of travel time. By incorporating the construction of new bridges and executing a road widening operation, the project promises to revolutionize the overall traffic flow within the city. Specifically, the new road infrastructure is anticipated to increase the capacity of a key city route. It will visibly slash the journey times from 20 minutes to a mere seven minutes.

Implementation Phases Unveiled

Pic Creds: Dubai RTA

Dubai has successfully reduced commute times through a series of strategic initiatives. The key improvements include widening the street’s capacity from two to three lanes as a minimum, replacing Al Meydan Roundabout with a T-shaped signalized surface intersection, and transforming Al Quoz Roundabout into an extended street along the route.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), through its commitment to continual infrastructure enhancements, aims to align road efficiency with urban growth. This effort supports the emirate’s sustainable development, ensuring seamless vehicular movement on Dubai’s roads.

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Futuristic Roadmap

Pic Creds: Dubai RTA

As part of this initiative, RTA recently unveiled a bicycle lane tunnel in the Al Meydan area. Spanning 160 meters in length and 6.6 meters in width, the tunnel boasts the capacity to accommodate approximately 800 bicycles per hour. This transformative project replaced the surface intersection of the cycling track with a tunnel. It significantly improves the flow of traffic along Al Meydan Lane. The elimination of the surface intersection has facilitated free and continuous movement. Also, it has led to a reduction in waiting times for cyclists.

In conclusion, the road improvement project in Dubai marks a momentous stride towards achieving efficient transportation within the city. Beyond the quantitative reduction in travel time and congestion, the initiative propels Dubai further into a realm of sustainable development. It not only addresses immediate traffic concerns but also paves the way for the future. Here commuting is seamless and enjoyable for the city’s residents.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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