All Cinema Halls In Delhi To Be CLOSED Till March 31 Due To Coronavirus Scare

by Kanika Sharma
All Cinema Halls In Delhi To Be CLOSED Till March 31 Due To Coronavirus Scare

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the growing scare around the COVID-19 virus has led to all Delhi schools and cinema halls being shut down. They are expected to remain shut till March 31. Also, schools and colleges where examinations are not being held have also been advised to remain closed. However, whether this will be applicable in NCR as well, isn’t confirmed yet.

What’s More?

The announcement was recently made by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after another positive case was reported in the Capital. This brings the total count of the number of cases in Delhi to six.

Picture Credit: Bloomberg Quint

The total count of COVID 19 (or coronavirus) cases has now reached 73 in India. This information has been provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Out of these 73 cases, 56 are Indian nationals and 17 others are foreigners.

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The Number Of Patients On The Rise

The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Kerala. The infected patients had travelled from Wuhan, China. Post that, a case was reported in Delhi and Telangana. Unfortunately, the number of patients who have been tested positive are on the rise and now it has spread all across the country.

Picture Credit: Quartz

According to reports, 14 cases have been reported from Haryana, six from Delhi, seven from Kerala, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh reported 11 each; four have been reported in Karnataka, three in Rajasthan. One has been confirmed in Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Punjab, one in Kashmir and three in Union Territory of Ladakh.

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) also recently declared the Coronavirus breakout as a global pandemic with its death toll crossing the 4,000 mark and the number of positive cases being reported reaching 1 lakh mark.

Picture Credit: NYT

Meanwhile, we urge people to stay away from over-crowded places, wash hands regularly, and those suspecting early symptoms, should definitely get checked.