All You Need To Know About The Rules Before You Hop On To A Metro In UAE

by Deeplata Garde
All You Need To Know About The Rules Before You Hop On To A Metro In UAE

Is travelling in a metro part of your daily commute in UAE? Then we hope you are aware of some stringent rules that were announced by the RTA that you need to follow in the metro. Are you clueless and just screamed, “what rules?” Don’t worry will make you go through the list of important rules that should be kept in mind the next time you hop on a metro in UAE.

A List Of Violations & Fines For Passengers Using Metro

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People in UAE take rules regarding the usage of public transportation or space very seriously. Why? Because there’s always a huge fine attached to it and very few are aware of it in general. So let’s categorize violations of travelling through the metro based on the fines.

Violations That Will Cost You From Dhs 100 To 500

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Didn’t buy a ticket and caught using the fare zone areas of Metro? Trying to steal someone’s identity by travelling on someone else’s card or ticket? Forgot to renew the pass? Well, there are more such violations that would fall under this category. The following are,

1. Disturbing others with or without intention.
2. Distributing or selling of NOL cards without authority
3. Using seats reserved for certain categories
4. Consuming food & beverages in prohibited areas
5. Using seats to sleep is not permitted
6. Causing damage to public property
7. Leaving cars parked in areas intended for metro users for longer than is allowed
8. Travelling through non-passenger spaces.
9. Placing feet on the seats
10. Selling or promoting products in any form inside public transportation.
11. Using public transportation, amenities, and services against the authority’s posted, visible instructions.
12. Taking pets on public transportation, excluding service dogs for the blind.
13. Spitting, leaving trash behind, or doing anything else that can jeopardise the hygiene of public transportation.
14. Smoking In Public transportation
15. Utilising escalators or lifts improperly.
16. Clambering up or jumping to enter public transportation, buildings, and services.
17. While a vehicle is going between stations and stops, no doors should be opened or attempts should be made to board or exit.
18. Distracting or obstructing a public transportation driver while they are driving
19. Bringing alcoholic beverages into metro, buildings, and services.

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These Violations Will Fine You Above Dhs1000

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Destroying property of the transportation, carrying potentially harmful materials or usage of safety equipment in case of non-emergency will land you with charges equivalent to Dhs1000 and Dhs2000.

So if you wish to come out clean without spending a dirham on charges, then make sure to not violate this list of rules on your next trip.

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