All The Parking Fines You Should Be Aware While Driving In UAE

by Deeplata Garde
All The Parking Fines You Should Be Aware While Driving In UAE

We all know how strict UAE is towards its law enforcement. Being careful is better than paying large sums of money in UAE for traffic or parking fines. Parking offences in the UAE can cost anywhere from Dh400 to Dh10,000. It depends on the rigour of the offence. If you want to escape paying the fine, here’s a list of all the parking fines you should be aware of.

Top 5 Parking Fines In UAE

1. Pavement Parking

We know finding a spot in urgent times can be annoying. But just to park on the nearby pavement is totally illegal and dangerous for the public as well as the car owner. The car parked on the pavement can suffer damage and cause undue hindrance to passers-by. Apart from this, the major problem would be attracting a Dhs400 fine for this action.

2. Parking At Spot Reserved For People of Determination

The group of people that fall under the category of people of determination are basically disabled people or the ones with special needs. Taking their spot will land you with six black points and a penalty of Dhs1000.

3. Double Parking

Imagine a situation where you are rushing towards your car parking to move out and reach somewhere in a jiffy. Then you find someone blocking your vehicle by theirs only to find there’s no one on the driving seat. Double parking in UAE is illegal and can lead up to a Dhs500 fine. In Dubai, you can easily lodge an online complaint and the Dubai traffic department will notify the owner via SMS.

4. Improper Parking

Parking and maintaining the designated lines provided are crucial. Hence when in UAE, always keep in mind to park accordingly. Otherwise, get ready to face a fine of Dhs500

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5. Parking In Front Of Bus Stop

Parking in a space dedicated to the bus stop is illegal and causes a lot of disturbance for passengers. It can result in a lot of traffic and a waste of time. So make sure you never park at the bus stop. Or you might incur a Dhs2000 fine.

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