AlUla’s Citrus Festival: Where, When, Cost & More About The Upcoming Festival

AlUla Citrus Festival: A zesty celebration of nature's bounty.

by Deeplata Garde
AlUla’s Citrus Festival: Where, When, Cost & More About The Upcoming Festival

The vibrant AlUla Citrus Festival, held annually every January, is a lively celebration of the rich variety of citrus fruits cultivated in the Oasis. This four-day extravaganza offers a sensory feast, featuring everything from show cooking by renowned chefs to family-friendly activities. The festival creates a bustling atmosphere, with market stalls showcasing fruit-based products, and visitors get the chance to relish freshly squeezed juices from the finest AlUla oranges.

The Colourful Oasis Gathering At AlUla

Pic Creds: Experience AlUla

As one of the most colourful events in AlUla’s calendar, the Citrus Festival transforms the Oasis into a lively souk that extends from the afternoon well into the night. Local farmers proudly present their citrus bounty, harvested from over 200,000 citrus trees, creating a captivating open-air market. Wander through the stalls displaying nearly 30 citrus varieties and explore fragrant soaps and essential oils crafted from lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits, charming souvenirs capturing the essence of AlUla.

Friendly Competition & Culinary Demonstrations

The festival is not just about showcasing produce; it’s a platform for friendly competition among farmers to recognize the best-quality fruits. Talented chefs add to the festive spirit with live ‘tree to table’ cooking shows as well as demonstrating the versatility and flavours of AlUla’s citrus fruits. The aroma of fresh citrus fills the air as chefs engage in culinary artistry. Visitors are invited to witness these demonstrations, gaining insights into the culinary potential of the local produce.

Sensory Delights and Juicy Treats To Relish

Pic Creds: Experience AlUla

No citrus festival would be complete without the chance to taste the tangy, vitamin-packed juices squeezed from the plentiful fruit harvest at AlUla. Also, market vendors offer a delightful array of beverages, providing a refreshing and healthy experience. The festival is not just an occasion to witness and appreciate – it’s an opportunity to actively engage with the vibrant community and celebrate the zest for life.

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AlUla Citrus Festival: Family-Friendly And Free Event

The AlUla Citrus Festival is not only a visual and culinary delight but also a family-friendly event. Finally, with free entry, it offers an inclusive atmosphere for visitors of all ages. Enjoy the citrus displays and demonstrations to live kitchen activities and entertainment. Overall,  the festival promises an immersive experience, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

In conclusion, the AlUla Citrus Festival encapsulates the spirit of abundance, community, and culinary creativity, making it a must-attend event for those seeking a zestful celebration of nature’s bounty.

Where: The Oasis
When: 5 – 6 Jan, 12 – 13 Jan 2024
Cost: Free

Cover Image Courtesy: Experience AlUla

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