Alwar Is Hosting Its Culturally-Rich Alwar Festival 2023; Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

by Mallika Khurana
Alwar Is Hosting Its Culturally-Rich Alwar Festival 2023; Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

Alwar in Rajasthan will soon be accessible at the ideal time of year. This city will be awash in culture, gastronomy, traditions, and anything else that will make it appealing to you during the Alwar Festival, which is scheduled to take place from February 13 to February 15, 2023.

Alwar Festival: A Must-Visit For Everyone

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For those who have never been to Alwar before, the best time to experience the lovely city is when it is at its most stunning.

Alwar’s cultural festival is a three-day event jam-packed with entertainment and is held near the foothills of the Aravali ranges. It is ideal for everyone, including both children and adults.

For anybody who appreciates colour and culture, the Alwar Festival is a must-visit event. It showcases the best of their handicrafts, traditions, music, and more. This festival is the ideal way to see the city’s architecture, culture, and history, especially for first-timers.

For these three days, the traditional dancing, music, and handicrafts of the area will be on display.

Here’s What To Do At This Festival

Alwar festival
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One of the main draws of this festival is Shilp Gramme, the craft village. For artisan-made antiques and crafts from the area, this is the greatest location to shop. This festival offers a large selection of handcrafted goods, primarily handicrafts that reflect the customs and cultures of the local area.

In addition to the distinctive local crafts, guests can take part in a variety of competitions, observe elephant polo matches, and watch folk performances.

This event also emphasises the agricultural activities of the people, providing visitors with a genuine flavour of the region. A wide range of extra activities is also available during the fair. Movie showings are scheduled as part of the festival. While in Alwar, you can explore a variety of different sites.

For instance, if you visited the Alwar Festival and are looking for something else, you may easily visit the Sariska National Park. Then there is India’s most haunted landmark, the legendary Bhangarh Fort. Silserh Lake in Alwar is yet another well-liked vacation spot.

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