Amazon Plans To Enter Middle East Market!

Credits: Amazon Facebook
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1105

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Two years after buying, Amazon plans to make its debut in the Middle East!

What’s It?

Listen up, online shoppers. UAE’s Souq will soon be replaced by the online shopping giant Amazon. According to sources, the online retail giant purchased Souq for $580 million in 2017. Now, they have been informing North American wholesalers about a ‘groundbreaking’ opportunity. The company is reportedly advising sellers not to sign up on Souq, but wait for Amazon’s launch in the region. “Following Amazon’s acquisition of Souq, I want to offer you participation in a groundbreaking new sales project in the Mid East,” Amazon wrote in an invitation to a select group of sellers. ”

Credits: Amazon Facebook

Credits: Amazon Facebook

The Middle East market site would look like other international websites, like Amazon U.K. or Amazon Germany and will come with the same seller back-end system used in the U.S. However, Amazon is yet to make any significant move after the acquisition of Souq.

For now, Amazon has listed a dozen job openings for The company is looking to hire software developers and vendor managers for  their office in Cairo, Riyadh and Amman, Jordan.

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