Amazon River Is Drying Up; These Before-After Pics Show The Drought’s Impact In Brazil

by Mallika Khurana
Amazon River Is Drying Up; These Before-After Pics Show The Drought’s Impact In Brazil

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where verdant jungles and thriving waterways have long defined the landscape, an alarming transformation is unfolding. The Amazon is renowned for its biodiversity and breathtaking beauty. It is currently facing an unprecedented crisis as a severe drought, exacerbated by the relentless grip of El Niño and the shadows of climate change, tightens its hold. Shocking photos shared on social media have unveiled this ecological drama, and the world watches in awe and concern.

These Images Show The Amazon River Drying Up

The Amazon is a region known for its lush landscapes and abundant waterways. It is currently facing a dire situation as a severe drought grips the area. Shocking photos shared on social media reveal a stark transformation of the Rio Negro in Brazil from a vibrant, flowing river to a dry, muddy riverbed. A social media user, Sergio Freire, recently posted two photos of the Rio Negro on X (previously known as Twitter). They highlighted the drastic difference between the river’s state in July and early October. 

The first image, taken in July, depicts a beautiful river meandering through lush vegetation. In stark contrast, the second image, the most recent one, reveals a dried-up, parched riverbed. This post garnered widespread attention, with millions of views and shares, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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The Battle For Survival In The Rainforest

Photo Credits: Canva

As per the reports from Newsweek, since mid-September, the Rio Negro has been experiencing a rapid decline in water levels, decreasing by approximately one foot per day. The devastating effects of this drought extend beyond the visible transformation of the landscape. It has led to the mass mortality of marine life.

While some argue that certain parts of the river dry up every year, government officials contend that this particular drought is mainly a result of El Niño. El Niño is one of the key climate patterns that influence global weather. It tends to bring drier and warmer conditions to northern Brazil, precisely where the Rio Negro flows. 

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In response to the crisis, the Brazilian government has initiated efforts to provide support to affected communities, according to the Newsweek report. A task force has been appointed to address the needs of the 111,000 people already affected by the drought. Currently, there is a chance for up to 500,000 more individuals to be affected if the drought persists. 

The government has also announced emergency assistance measures to decrease the suffering of those relying on these waterways for their livelihoods.

Cover Image Courtesy: Sérgio Freire/X

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