Amid Rise In Complaints About Paid Seats & Mandatory Web Check-In, IndiGo Issues Clarification

by Shreya Ghosh
Amid Rise In Complaints About Paid Seats & Mandatory Web Check-In, IndiGo Issues Clarification

If you have travelled somewhere on a flight before, you are surely aware of the web check-in policy. This is a significant step that passengers need to conduct before catching the flight. Usually, airlines keep a timing duration of 60 minutes to 48 hours prior to the flight taking off to complete the web check-in process. In between a lot of buzz and complaints by passengers, IndiGo replied to all the confusion regarding this step.

Do Passengers Need To Complete Web Check-In Before Boarding An IndiGo Flight?

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, the low-cost airline gave answers to all the confusion.

IndiGo has come forward to share some important details about the much-talked-about important step before passengers catch a flight. IndiGo revealed that web check-in is not a mandatory step to follow, according to a report by Hindustan Times. Though the airline has not made it compulsory to complete the procedure, it recommends doing so in advance. The reason behind IndiGo making the recommendation to complete web check-in in between the allotted time is so that the flyers get to travel hassle-free and without any issues. ‘Web check-in allows customers to have a smooth experience at the airport’, shared IndiGo.

Akash Patel (@Akashpatel_200) took to the X (formerly Twitter) platform to raise a concern about the term ‘MANDATORY’ used for web check-in.

Sharing a screenshot of and marking the check-in option, the Internet user asked the airline to use the word recommended instead of mandatory. In response to IndiGo’s post about web check-in being not compulsory but a recommendation, this social media user pointed this out.

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The airline has responded to this post and stated that they have noted the feedback and will share it with the concerned department.

Another Complaint Raised By A Social Media User

In response to IndiGo’s post about the web check-in policy, Joydeep Dutta (@jdutta) pointed out some issues with booking flight seats and the charges applicable to getting the desired seats by doing web check-in online.

If you have booked IndiGo flight tickets and completed the steps of selecting your desired seat, you might have paid some extra charges for that. Joydeep Dutta raised this exact concern in his post and wrote how only ‘the middle seats in the back rows are sometimes free’. If more than 2 people are catching a flight together and wish to sit one after the other, chances are that they will need to pay for that. However, there is no need to pay anything if someone visits the airport way ahead of the flight departure time and gets the seat allocation at the airline counter or kiosk.

IndiGo shared its response to this concern.

For this airline, free seats are subject to availability. To get seats without paying extra charges, passengers may select ‘auto seat assignment’ during the process of web check-in and ‘seats will be assigned free of cost’.

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These are all the responses of the Indian airline to many confusions of passengers and the ongoing increase in complaints from different airlines.

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