In A Now Deleted Post Edelweiss CEO Shared “Poor” Experience On IndiGo Flight; Airline Responds

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
In A Now Deleted Post Edelweiss CEO Shared “Poor” Experience On IndiGo Flight; Airline Responds

Every time we travel to any place, we hope for our journey to be good, memorable, and safe. But many times, the experience tends to be memorable, but in a bad way. Something similar happened with Edelweiss CEO Radhika Gupta. She shared her recent IndiGo flight experience on X (formerly Twitter) and called the landing experience “very poor”. The airline responded to her post and regretted the inconvenience caused.

Edelweiss CEO Shares Bad Experience On IndiGo Flight


The Managing Director and CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management Company (AMC), Radhika Gupta, recently shared her landing experience with an IndiGo flight. She shared the details of this dissatisfaction in a long post with an image on X (formerly Twitter). The details include all the things that took place with her post-landing.

Edelweiss CEO mentioned that she was travelling with a child. While explaining, she wrote that she handed over the stroller and a car seat at the Dubai gate, with the very normal thought that she would get them immediately at the Mumbai gate. She said that the very purpose of handing the stroller at departure is to receive it immediately on arrival. 

But forget the gate; she had to wait for an hour at midnight before she could know where to look for it. Her post mentioned that both the airport staff and IndiGo, especially the airline, were completely uncooperative. They did not even know where the stroller would come from (conveyor belt, oversize area, or somewhere else). She said that they did not even look like they wanted to help her. 

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Airline Regretted The Inconvenience Caused

Continuing her ordeal, she wrote about how these basic hygiene things have to be in check while working on international operations. She said that this is what most airlines do, and IndiGo must take this feedback seriously and work on it. 

She snapped a picture of the room where they finally got their stroller. Radhika wrote that she had to actually wait and trek here until she finally got her thing at midnight. 

Soon after her post went viral with over 106.9K views, over 580 likes, and many comments, the airlines responded to her post. They regretted the inconvenience that was caused to Radhika. The airlines assured that the matter was under investigation and was their priority. They promised to get back to her about the same thing the following morning. 

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Netizens Agreed And Shared Experiences

Many netizens who came across the post liked and shared it, as they too had some similar experiences with IndiGo in the past. 

Another user commented that the services by IndiGo are day by day seeing a down trend on the graph. One user mentioned how, because of many such experiences, they now avoid taking IndiGo flights if they have options available. 

The viral post currently remains deleted for reasons unknown. 

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