Amidst Delhi Metro Chaos, Man Gets A Lift From Plumber Who Cycles Him To Office

by Shreya Ghosh
Amidst Delhi Metro Chaos, Man Gets A Lift From Plumber Who Cycles Him To Office

We often listen to people around us saying humanity is dead and no one really cares what is happening in another person’s life.  And this is somewhat partly true. We often get busy with ourselves to such an extent that we stop caring about people, even our near and dear ones. But in the middle of all these things, there are a few kind-hearted people living in between us who are always a step ahead to help others in their dire needs. And such a heartwarming story of a Delhi metro passenger will warm your heart.

A Man Gets A Lift From A Plumber Amidst Delhi Metro Chaos

During the peak hours of weekdays, the train stations, bus stops, and metro stations get so crowded that even the thought of any cancellation scares us. Well, something similar happened today in Sultanpur metro station in Delhi. A Twitter user named Kamal is one of the hundreds and thousands who had to wait because of issues in Delhi metro services. Any problem in transportation means delay and Kamal had to face the same situation too. Well, someone came to his rescue and made his day. Kamal shared the entire story on his Twitter account (@Kamal_0_07).

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Kamal wrote how Mr. Rajendra helped him to get out of the Delhi metro chaos and lead him towards his office. Mr. Rajendra took Kamal in the backseat of his cycle and pedalled 7 km to Guru Dronacharya so that he can reach his office. Check out the story of the kind gesture below.

‘When @OfficialDMRC left us in the middle of the travel Mr. Rajendra helped me to reach office by pedaling almost 7km to dronacharya without taking any single rupee we both were stranger for each other but he didn’t think for a second to offer me pillion seat and on the other hand there are people like Auto drivers, Truck, bus and even Ola & Uber who was asking hefty fair around 1500 for Huda citycentre in that amount one can travel to Jaisalmer and back to delhi 2 times and there are people like Rajendra who is helping people without asking for a penny and taught a lesson how should human needs to help each other.’

He Did Not Take A Single Rupee!

It is hard to find someone who helps others selflessly and wants nothing in return. When no bikes or cars came to help Kamal for almost an hour near the metro station, Mr. Rajendra, a plumber by profession helped him. On being asked for help, he did not even think twice and jumped in to give a lift to Kamal. When Kamal offered to help by pedalling some distance, Mr. Rajendra replied, ‘aap chalaoge toh per mein dard ho jayega’ (your legs will pain if you ride).

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Mr. Rajendra is a plumber and he needs to travel almost 60 km on a bicycle every single day. And he is covering this distance for the past 30 years. It was not the first time when he helped someone by giving a lift. In his village, he often helped others and took them to their destinations without any hope of gifts or rewards.

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