Amidst The Various Ongoing Natural Disasters, Airlines Are Now Offering Free Flight Changes

by Tejashee Kashyap
Amidst The Various Ongoing Natural Disasters, Airlines Are Now Offering Free Flight Changes

Changing the dates of a flight often come with hefty fees and restrictive policies. However, several airlines are waiving change fees for passengers travelling this weekend because of the various natural calamities happening around. The emergence of airlines allowing passengers to change travel dates without incurring the usual fees has helped passengers.

Airlines Are Letting Passengers Change Flights For Free

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This weekend, an increasing number of airlines are allowing passengers to change their flights without charge, including American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and United.

With Hurricane Hilary anticipated to interrupt flights this weekend, a number of airlines are waiving change costs for travellers. On Saturday, the tropical storm was near Cabo San Lucas in the Pacific Ocean and was moving towards southern California. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, at least 74 flights inside, to, or from the US have been cancelled, and as of Saturday morning, 465 more have had delays.

According to an article by Business Insider India, travellers passing through a number of Californian airports were advised by American Airlines that they could rebook their flights for free before August 21. Even Southwest Airlines allowed passengers to rebook their flights without paying any additional fees within 14 days of their initial date of travel.

While United Airlines wouldn’t charge passengers who change their itinerary and fly between August 17 and 28 and Delta Airlines would waive the cost difference for travellers who rebook their ticket on or before August 23.

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Many Places Have Had To Face Nature’s Wrath With Various Calamities

British Columbia
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Throughout history, human settlements have faced the relentless force of nature’s wrath, enduring a wide array of calamities. From powerful earthquakes to devastating hurricanes, from raging wildfires to relentless floods, many places experienced nature’s wrath.

This week, many evacuees are anticipated from British Columbia, a province in western Canada, due to record-breaking wildfires. In Europe, a wildfire has forced thousands more people of Tenerife in the Canary Islands to leave their homes. The island of Hawaii, Maui has been devastated by a catastrophic fire that has engulfed it. People fled the area as a result of the fire to protect their lives.

Hence, the decision of airlines to allow passengers to change travel dates without fees is a positive shift. This is the industry’s approach to customer service.

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