Anand Mahindra Calls Mahindra Roots Festival’s Finale “Rambunctious”. We Looked Up The Meaning For You!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Anand Mahindra Calls Mahindra Roots Festival’s Finale “Rambunctious”. We Looked Up The Meaning For You!

Anand Mahindra never fails to engage his Twitter followers with his interesting food, exciting travel and inspiring tweets. The Chairman of the Mahindra Group tweeted energetic videos from the Mahindra Roots, a festival celebrating India’s lost forms of local culture and music. The heritage festival in Mumbai came to a thunderous end on the 26th of February. In his tweet, Anand Mahindra called the Mahindra Roots festival’s finale “rambunctious”. Wondering what this word even means? Check it out!

Anand Mahindra Shares Videos From The Mahindra Roots Festival

The Mahindra Group launched the Mahindra Roots to help Gen Z of India nurture and preserve their Indian cultural roots. This three-day exciting heritage festival held in Mumbai’s Bandra Fort Amphitheatre hosted classical music performances, Sufi, tribal music forms, poetry in multiple regional languages and theatre performances. It was an audio-visual treat like no other, leaving the audience grooving to the music rooted in our Indian culture. 

In fact, Anand Mahindra was himself part of this festival and took to Twitter to share energetic videos of the Mahindra Roots festival’s finale. In one video, you can see Alif, a poet and songwriter from Kashmir leaving the audience grooving with his resounding performance. Anand Mahindra even described him to be a “force of nature”.

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He Tweets Raghu Dixit Gave The Festival A “RambunctiousFinale

In another video tweeted by the Mahindra Group Chairman, the entire amphitheatre is singing along with the Indian singer-composer Raghu Dixit to his chartbuster “Lokada Kalaji”. Raghu Dixit, dressed in his signature red lungi and black shirt, holding his guitar, is performing stupendously. And Anand Mahindra tweeted in his caption, “And who better to give the #MahindraRootsFestival a rambunctious finale then the inimitable  @raghu_dixit On your feet, ladies & gentlemen…” 

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Well, the word “rambunctious” used by Anand Mahindra to describe Raghu Dixit’s performance actually means “unrestrained”or “boisterous”.  Simply put, it means ‘something larger than life that is uncontrollably energetic’. This certainly seems the right word to describe Raghu Dixit’s thunderous end to the Mahindra Roots festival.

Anand Mahindra has helped us add a new word to our dictionaries. And boy, are we glad to get a glimpse of this music festival through his lens!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and @raghudixit11/ Instagram