Anand Mahindra CANNOT Give Up On This Indian Sweet Dish Despite Being Off Sugar For Years

Anand Mahindra shared an article that captures the essence of his favourite Indian sweet dish.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Anand Mahindra CANNOT Give Up On This Indian Sweet Dish Despite Being Off Sugar For Years

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll surely have an Achilles heel. For some, sweets itself can be the hardest to resist, for others it boils down to one particular sweet dish. For Anand Mahindra, it’s one Indian sweet dish that he simply cannot resist despite being off sugar for years. What’s that? Well, it’s Gajar Ka Halwa! Read on to learn more about the Mahindra Group Chairman’s ultimate love for this halwa.

Anand Mahindra Has No Strength To Resist His Fav Gajar Ka Halwa

Sharing an article published by The Times Of India— on X (formerly Twitter)— that talks about the 5 reasons one should eat Gajar Ka Halwa this winter, Anand Mahindra revealed his love for the desi sweet dish. The Mahindra Group Chairman stated in his caption that he took a decision some time ago to give up on sugar. Despite his sweet tooth, Anand Mahindra gave up sugar as he finds it to be a dangerous part of one’s diet.

However, the businessman states that when Gajar Ka Halwa is placed in front of him, his resolve melts. So, Anand Mahindra confesses that he has no strength to resist. So, he is grateful for the TOI article that gives him reasons to indulge in his favourite Indian sweet dish. The billionaire feels the article reduces his sense of guilt. With “Halwa Ki Jai Ho,” Anand Mahindra ends his tweet on a sweet note. This is Anand Mahindra’s Sunday Morning finding.

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Netizens Tell Him Not To Feel Guilty & Indulge In It

Netizens certainly related to his post on X. Many shared their love for Gajar Ka Halwa with Anand Mahindra. Some X users shared lip-smacking pictures of the carrot halwa and probably left the entrepreneur and his followers drooling on Sunday.

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‘@sanvai commented that one must enjoy sweets for what they are without feeling guilty about them. @KnottedBraid suggested he try gajar ka halwa made of stevia instead of sugar. The X user assures him the taste remains the same while the sweet dish has a healthier spin.@haanssa asked Anand Mahindra not to worry as seasonal treats won’t do harm with one helping.

Sweet lovers, are you also a fan of Gajar Ka Halwa like Anand Mahindra?

Cover Image Courtesy: @anandmahindra/ X and Canva Pro

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