Anand Mahindra Says Thalassery-Mahe Bypass Resembles A “Skyscraper Lying Down” & Here Are Some Facts About This Road

The Thalassery-Mahe Highway is an 18.6 km stretch connecting Muzhappilangad to Azhiyoor and was inaugurated in March.

by Tashika Tyagi
Anand Mahindra Says Thalassery-Mahe Bypass Resembles A “Skyscraper Lying Down” & Here Are Some Facts About This Road

The newly inaugurated Thalassery-Mahe National Highway Bypass in Kerala has caught Anand Mahindra’s attention! According to him, the Thalassery-Mahe Bypass looks like a “skyscraper lying down.” He took to X (formerly Twitter) to appreciate the beauty of this 18.6-kilometre stretch and even mentioned how he could not wait to “cruise down” this road and appreciate the natural beauty around it.

Anand Mahindra Compares Thalassery-Mahe Bypass To A Skyscraper

Be it appreciating technology, infrastructure, or sharing funny advertisements, Anand Mahindra has a way with social media that’s simply incomparable! In his recent post on X (formerly Twitter), the entrepreneur compared the newly inaugurated Thalassery-Mahe bypass in Kerala with a “skyscraper lying down flat on its side…”

Seemingly impressed with the new highway, Anand Mahindra wrote that at first glance it looks “like a concrete imposition on the natural landscape.” He further went on to mention how he can’t “deny the temptation to cruise down” the Thalassery-Mahe bypass and appreciate its “beauty on either side.”

Netizens were also quite impressed by the beauty of this highway as hundreds of people commented on Anand Mahindra’s post. While many complimented the aesthetics of this highway, many talked about India’s growth in the infrastructure arena.

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Few Things To Know About This New Highway Bypass

Thalassery-Mahe Bypass
Image Courtesy: X/@pinarayivijayan

The Thalassery-Mahe National Highway bypass is an 18.6 km stretch connecting Muzhapilangad in Kannur to Azhiyoor in Kozhikode. This long-awaited bypass was first proposed in 1977. However, the work on it only began in 2018 and was virtually inaugurated on March 11, 2024, by PM Narendra Modi.

The Thalassery-Mahe National Highway bypass was built at the cost of ₹1,543 crore. This bypass has reduced the travel time between Muzhapilangad and Azhiyoor to just 14 minutes from the previous 45 minutes. It has four river bridges (in Anjarakandy, Kuyyali, Dharmadam, and Mahe), 21 underpasses, a railway flyover, and a toll plaza in Kolassery.

We agree with Mr. Mahindra and we, too, can’t wait to drive along this highway! The greenery on both sides of this bypass truly adds to its charm and will definitely make driving on it more fun! What are your thoughts on this highway? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/minicnair & X/@anandmahindra

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