Anand Mahindra Shares Alluring Picture Of Tamil Nadu Road With 70 Continuous Hairpin Bends

by Suchismita Pal
Anand Mahindra Shares Alluring Picture Of Tamil Nadu Road With 70 Continuous Hairpin Bends

Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra was recently awestruck by the picture of a road from Tamil Nadu with 70 hairpin bends. Travel content creator Abhishek Nath had originally taken the picture at Kolli Hills road of Tamil Nadu. When Norwegian diplomat and former politician Erik Solheim shared the picture on his Twitter handle, it popped up on Mahindra’s wall too. Stunned by the magnificence of the road, Mahindra retweeted the picture calling it ‘phenomenal’.

Mahindra Wants This Thar To Take Him On The Twisty Road

Retweeting the picture of Kolli Hills road from Erik’s profile, Mahindra wanted to know who had constructed the road. He added that he can only trust his Thar to take him on the road. Replying to Mahindra’s post, a user named Venkateswaran TR commented that he had driven his Thar 2015 model on the meandering road. He added that his climb was effortless and said that Kalhatti ghat section to Ooty is much more steeper. Another user commented, “I’ve done riding these twisties way back in 2013.” Anand Mahindra Stunned By The New Pune-Nashik Bypass; Calls It ‘Fantastic’

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Travel Content Creator Abhishek Nath Had First Shared The Picture Of The Road

In 2019, Abhishek Nath had shared the picture on his Instagram handle i_am_out_of_office. Along with the picture, Nath had written the hairpin bends seen are just 30% of the number of bends one needs to encounter to reach the top of the hills. He added that according to history, a ghost of Kolli Pavai existed atop the Kolli hills, stating that the hills derived its name from the same. Nestled in Namakkal District of the state of Tamil Nadu, Kolli hills translates to the ‘Mountains of Death’. Nevertheless, the location is absolutely mesmerising, replete with natural beauty.

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