Anand Mahindra Shares Scary Video Of Buses Travelling On Steep Himalayan Roads, Asks If It’s True

Anand Mahindra shared a frightening video of buses travelling on narrow and vertiginous roads.

by Shreya Ghosh
Anand Mahindra Shares Scary Video Of Buses Travelling On Steep Himalayan Roads, Asks If It’s True

Travelling to the mountains, enjoying the fresh air, witnessing scenic surroundings, and simply soaking in the freshness and relaxing amidst serenity is always a great idea. Among all such amazing experiences, one scary thing about exploring hilly destinations is the steep roads in many places. People need to cross steep roads at times that look too frightening to travel. Recently, Anand Mahindra shared a video of a similar road and shared his thoughts about it.

Anand Mahindra Asked Netizens Whether The Viral Video’s Mountain Roads Are True

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Anand Mahindra (@anandmahindra) shared this video that was originally uploaded by Massimo (@Rainmaker1973). In the caption of the video, he stated how “there has to be some manipulation of the image here”.

The original video stated that the spine-chilling glimpses were captured during a journey from Shimla to the Pangi Valley along the Himalayan mountain range. The video shows how vertiginous the narrow roads on the mountains are and riding any vehicle looks so frightening at such places.

Mountains are lined up on one side of the road and the other side is completely empty with nothing to provide support. Even the tiniest of mistakes or mishaps while driving can lead to the most horrible and life-threatening accidents. There have been some unfortunate times when we heard news of devastating accidents at similar places.

The Mahindra and Mahindra Chairperson cannot think of any road to be this precipitous, as he shared in the caption of the video. He cannot imagine how any person puts their lives in such dangerous situations. The clip surely looks so terrifying as there is hardly any space left on both sides of the road.

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Netizens React To The Viral Video; Shares About More Such Roads And Stretches

After Anand Mahindra shared the video and asked Internet users if this was actually true or might be a manipulation of the image, Twitterati shared their reactions to it. Different parts of India, mostly Himachal Pradesh and Northeast India are home to such roads and steep stretches, shared Netizens. Some even pointed out the high risks of life-threatening accidents if the driver drives in the wrong way even for a bit.

Seeing the reactions and comments, it is clearly understandable that most people are quite fearful of travelling on such steep and narrow roads. It surely makes everyone travelling along the stretches very anxious, panicking, and a lot more stressed. If the videos can make us so concerned, we can only imagine how the people inside the vehicles feel in such high-altitude places. Kudos to all the drivers who drive the vehicles in such conditions. Their exceptional driving skills make it easier for locals and tourists to commute to these locations without much fear. They are undoubtedly the unsung heroes who continue to drive on these stretches for a long time.

Here’s what Netizens shared about the tweet by Anand Mahindra.

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Do you love travelling to mountains and hilly destinations? If yes, have you experienced a journey on such vertiginous roads?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) 

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