Ancient Village Lakkundi, Housing 50 Temple Ruins To Be Part Of Hampi Tourism Circuit

by Shreya Ghosh

If you love to explore ancient places and learn their history, Hampi is a great destination to add to your bucket list. There are endless reasons to plan a tour of this town in Karnataka and now tourists will get another fascinating reason to explore this marvellous destination. Lakkundi is a historically rich village in Karnataka and it will soon be a part of the Hampi Tourism Circuit. When two places with such historical significance come under one roof, the experiences are surely going to be enigmatic.

Lakkundi Will Soon Be The Newest Addition To Hampi Tourism Circuit


Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Basavaraj Bommai is the Chief Minister of Karnataka he recently made the grand announcement of Lakkundi getting added to the proposed Hampi Tourism Circuit. According to his announcement made on Friday, the government is all set to create a plan soon to enhance the tourism sector and make it a dynamic destination for both domestic and overseas visitors. Hampi will soon be on everyone’s bucket list to explore the historical and timeless tourist attractions. Nestled in the Gadag District of Karnataka, Lakkundi is at a distance of about 98 km away from Hampi.

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What Does Lakkundi Have In Store For You?

Lakkundi is home to incredible ancient sculptures, historical structures, temples, and more. Temples are a significant part of this village. There are about 50 temples here and each temple will impress you with its stunning architecture and designs. The most interesting aspect about some temples is that you will get to witness representations of both Hinduism and Jainism.

Some of the most famous and renowned temples in Lakkundi are Brahma Jinalaya and Virupaksha Temple. The grandeur of this village will soon be a part of the Hampi Tourism Circuit.

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According to a report by the Times Of India, two tourism circuits will be created very soon. They are Hampi Tourism Circuit and Mysuru Tourism Circuit. Both these circuits will include famous travel destinations. While Badami, Hampi, and Lakkundi are coming under the Hampi Tourism Circuit, Mysuru Circuit will include Belur, Somanathapura, and more.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons