Angry Mob Attacks Health Workers Performing Duty In Indore

by Gizel Menezes
Angry Mob Attacks Health Workers Performing Duty In Indore

At a time when doctors and health workers in our country need to be worshipped, attacks on medical personnel have worsened over the past few days. In a recent incident that has come to light, an unruly mob attacked a team of health workers in Indore when they visited the area to perform their duty.

Angry Mob Attacks Team Of Health Workers In Indore

On April 1, when a team of health care workers and civic officials went about their day, screening residents in Indore’s Taat Patti Bakhal area for signs of novel coronavirus infection, they were attacked by a mob of local residents. Two women doctors were injured in the attack and had to be rescued by the police, as per NDTV.

The disturbing video of the attack went viral on social media. Two healthcare workers dressed in light blue personal protective equipment suits can be seen running from a small group of locals who are throwing stones and something that resembles a large container of plastic at them.

In the course of the video, the small group of locals becomes a mob of around 100 angry residents who hurl abuses, sticks, and stones at the workers and chase them down the narrow lane.

Based on the video footage, seven persons involved in the incident have been arrested, according to deputy inspector general (DIG) Harinarayanchari Mishra.

Taking note of the attack, CM of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, also warned that anti-social elements involved will not be spared at any cost.

The Taat Patti Bakhal Area Is One Of Two COVID-19 Hotspots In Indore

The Taat Patti Bakhal of Indore has been declared as a containment area as at least two confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported from there and as many as 54 families have been isolated.

Indore has 76% of all coronavirus cases reported from Madhya Pradesh. The state so far has 99 active cases with six deaths.